Sam’s Pizza – Behold the disaster

It was one of those days when my silly friends insisted that we go to a pizzeria and have fun. After coming to the city of Chennai and a bunch of unpleasant experiences, I decided that it was not my thing. But I went along so as not to hurt their feelings because I had ditched them when they had gone out for a previous hang out. So we set off to Sam’s and I thought I could have a bowl of soup and some crunchy bread sticks but no, me being me saw the word, ‘Tandoori Chicken’ and fell into the trap. I ordered that dish and in front of me sat a pizza with Tandoori chicken toppings! I swore to my heart’s content and finally ate the toppings alone.

After a while, the dessert arrived, a beautiful brownie with vanilla ice-cream topping, man, that was beautiful indeed! And then came the bill payment, when we emptied our pockets and paid the guy off! 🙂 Fun but disastrous!



I want to rip their heads off.

When you think someone loves you, respects you and accepts you for what you are and what you do, well guess what, you are wrong, absolutely wrong. I have this habit of believing that I am being loved for what I do and how I behave, mostly because they are family and they know you since you are a kid, that’s naturally my assumption. But I was wrong, I guess I am always wrong these days. They are just a bunch of back-stabbing mongrels who intake pleasure by jeopardizing the feelings of others. It may not always be physical, when you are hurt that is.

I felt incapable, and unwanted for a while and then I realized that I want their help, why the fuck should I seek their attention and live my life when I can easily ask them to fuck off and mind their own business. It’s not easy, it will take practice and courage and what not, but we all have to try at one point to be able to do stuff like that.

It’s funny how I have just one follower and yet it feels beautiful to pour out all that bottled up anger here.


Snoozin’ Away

Today was one of those days, when I just sleep through four hours of class, bliss, I tell you. It was really great, not having to listen to the professors screaming their lungs out for god-knows-what. Anyways, it was peaceful and it did leave a lot of bench impressions on my forehead, but who cares.

This one day, I had to myself shall indeed be cherished. 🙂


Now on FictionPress and FanFiction!

I kinda wanted to let the world know about my stories and poetry. So I think you would be a little entertained to read it from FictionPress and FanFiction, I go by the name ‘silverdevil133’. I would love for you to critically analyse my work there too! 😛


The Empty Cookie Jar

Forlorn, are my days
I lost all my frays,

Is there a way
To retaliate?

An empty cookie jar
Portrays my life,

My senses have become
Nothing but bitter,

I want the rogue
Who emptied my cookie jar.