Dear Daddy – #HugYourDad

He takes shifts with your mom to stay up through the night to watch you, he changes your diapers when your mom has other chores to attend to, his strong arms of fortification engulf you when you fall asleep, and he is, a father!

This guy does not care whether he embarrasses you when you are in need of his protection, because that always comes first when it means his dear little princess is in danger. He might pulverize the dude who broke your heart, but what holds him back is your word.

He is the fun element that molds the family together and busts the serious cloud. There is always that one cool thing that you inherit from your dad, and mine being mimicry. Though I never practiced it enough, but I know that I would be as good as him if I did! He also passed on the penchant for languages to me, and I consider it as the greatest gift ever. The consequences of us knowing one language that is foreign to my mom and brother makes it all the more fun, as we pester them by speaking in that language. Our favorite choice being Telugu when our mother tongue is Tamil.

He made take-outs seems more fun than to eat at a hoity-toity restaurant where everyone does nothing but judge you and your attire, not to mention the ungratifying stares that go along with the deal. So, that brought on the Saturday night K.F.C Bucket take-outs which were way cooler than a five course meal at any star restaurant. Simple pleasures of life mate! There, even that is a life-lesson. Don’t get me started on his famous Malabar Parathas, which he fries with his hands and doesn’t use a cooking spatula! They bear a startling resemblance to the ones they make at the hotels. I think I missed that the most during my pregnancy.

The newly minted grandfather became the perfect nanny, who am I going to trust when it comes to taking care of my little girl? His pride has no boundaries when it comes to his grand-daughter. Now he has taken care of passing on the awesomeness to my baby as well without asking for it.

Daddies are the coolest creatures in the family, the fun ones who scoop you up and take you far away from mommy’s death glares. They are always ready to fight for what they love and provide protection when required. The reason they hover is because they can’t bear to see you fall. The reason they stay behind is to pick you up when you do. You might not realize just how much you put your faith in daddy dearest, it’s when you move away that you know how much his presence in your life means to you.

You don’t need father’s day to celebrate this guy because he doesn’t wait for a specific day to keep celebrating you! But on this special occasion, let us take time out and go out of the way to give this awesome guy called father, A HUG.

A poem for Father’s Day:

The protector,

The bread-winner,

The leader

Of the pack,

The one who looks after

His own,

The one who defends

His own,

Overwhelming vigilance

And brilliance,

He is, a father.

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Mission Deodorize! – #SmellyToSmiley

You might experience a million different odors once you enter your home. It’s only fair that they hit you like a bullet and it hurts real bad, right in the lungs. What wouldn’t you give to isolate the nasty smells from your humble abode?


Here are a few tips to get those odors rocketing out of your house in no time.

1. Start fresh with clean routines!

Rise and shine by stripping your bed and pillow covers and toss them into the washing machine. Don’t forget those foul smelling laundry baskets cascading in your stunningly decorated rooms. Now what good is a sight to behold if your nostrils cannot be unblocked?! This may sound like a drag to you, but hey, it is so going to work out.


2. Place scented candles in your rooms.

How about perfuming up your rooms with a bunch of candles? They are an obvious way to make your home smell sweet, but the trick lies in strategically placing them, which can increase their efficiency. But you shouldn’t light them! Set the candles in your cupboards where the fabrics can absorb the scent and continue to emit it even when you use them.

Collection of unlit Christmas candles or tea lights waiting to be lit to welcome in the birth of Christ

3. Open your windows.

Let the fresh air in and the foulness out of your house! Mostly, the unpleasant odour permeates the house from its absolute concentration. But obviously, you need to be careful when you have a baby in the house. Make sure you open the windows at least for a short while.


4. Invite in naturally sweet smells.

You can counter the constricting strong fragrance of the flowers, such as gardenia plants or marigolds. Set out bowls of potpourri that you change out regularly. Slit open lemons or limes in the kitchen, squeeze them to chuck out some juice, and leave them out. You can also stuff an orange with cloves for a more decorative spin to give off the same effect.


5. Make your own deodorizer.

You can fill a small spray bottle with some water and 10-15 drops of your favourite essential oil and use as a room spray. Lavender is a nice option because it possesses calming properties, you can also try citrus oils like lemon, tangerine, wild orange, and grapefruit, are great smells to perk things up!


You can always find plenty of sprays and artificial scents at stores, but sometimes, it’s good to stick to the basics. There are always a bunch of incense sticks you can light up but it might cause a burning sensation in the eyes. You can try making your own sweet smelling cotton balls soaked in lemon extract, orange extract, vanilla, or peppermint extract and then place it in a clean glass jar with holes punched in the lid. Another awesome trick is to boil cinnamon sticks in water on the stove for a few minutes and let it sit.

5. Don’t let urine-stained clothes unwashed!

Even small leaks can add up to big odors. You can use a covered hamper, and empty it regularly. An even better option can be to use plastic bags also called sanitary disposal bags that have been treated to mask horrible scents.

6. Why don’t you treat yourself?

Bribe yourself with a bottle of fizzy drink and a candy bar to blow off some steam. Switch from one room to another, wash up and allow yourself a portion of your sweet treats before moving onto the next room. But hey, you gotta make it work, right?


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#4 Poetry 101 Rehab : Sleep

How do you sleep?

Knowing that you have tortured,

Ruined the lives of many women,

How do you sleep?

When their screams echo

Through your walls of oblivion,

How do you sleep?

Knowing that you are burdened

With the depravity of their souls,

How do you sleep?

You sleazy, sick, sanctimonious

Son of a bitch.

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt is Sleep. It has been almost two months since I wrote a poem, it feels good to be writing again. In this poem, I have highlighted the dark side of a man who embraced the right to butcher women. This goes out to all those men who take women for granted and exploit them unthinkingly, both body and soul.


This post is a part of Poetry 101 Rehab (Mara Eastern).