Zomato – #atozchallenge

Zomato - Formerly Known as Urban Spoon - Blue Moon Beach Grill

Z is for Zomato! The cool app that allows you to rate restaurants, update reviews and upload pictures of the food you eat. They have launched an online food ordering app as well.

Zomato Food Porn

When I came across this app a few years ago, I became obsessed with it  ever since. Sadly, I never got around to writing so many reviews.

Zomato’s food ordering app Zomato Order extended to Mumbai _ Pune ___

Make a mark of your food journey on Zomato, experience the joy of delving into the shoes of a foodie. Explore. Eat. Live.

This post concludes the #atozchallenge, it has been so wonderful being a part of this blogging madness for the past 26 days. To be honest, I have jammed up the letters on a single day, cramming the posts like prepping for exams. Alas! I have done it. This challenge opened up my bog to a whole bunch of amazing followers, their comments flooding my notifications, making me grin before I go to bed. I discovered many creative writing blogs, their content stirring awe in the depths of my brain. And most importantly, I made friends! Thank you for sticking around, hope you guys liked reading my poems and stories just as much as I loved perusing yours. Cheers.

P.S : This is also my 200th post. YAY!


Say Yes – #atozchallenge

No rings,
No flowers,
No confetti,
No surprises,
Just, say yes?

Waddle – #atozchallenge

This poem is dedicated to my baby girl, Safreen. She turned one on the 24th of April and I am so proud of my little kitty. Here’s to her first steps!

She took short steps,
turning back,
every once in a while,
I wasn’t ready to let go,
I dreaded,
her every fall,
she waddled,
like a little penguin,
on a sheet of ice,
she advanced,
and just like that,
she began to walk.


Vengeance – #atozchallenge

A new life,
a new body,
her soul,
latched onto
the redhead,
gleaming green eyes,
her husband
was going to pay,
with his blood.

Unkempt – #atozchallenge

He lay on the ground,
Clothing tattered,
Revealing skin,
Hunger burned his stomach,
He wished for a quick death.