Damon’s Miracle

It was one of those episodes in TVD (The Vampire Diaries) which made me want to pen something for Damon Salvatore. His eyes speak what he thinks and makes me feel like I am actually watching him experience his situation. It was a beautiful scene where the love of his life proposes to him in the middle of the night and all he does is smile and look up to thank his best friend, his brother, Alaric. Or that’s what I want to presume. So here’s to Damon.

A sigh of relief
A smile of joy,

Thanking the supernatural above
He gazes at the sky,

The biggest miracle of his existence
Struck him like thunder,

It is not possible
He stares into nothingĀ 
And ponders,

A warm and fuzzy blanket
Of happiness unlike anything,

Was this meant to happen?
Or simply a happy coincidence.