Dimitri Belikov (Russian Dhampir) – Obsession Poetry V

How can you be so charming while fuming with rage
I guess your hotness is not kissed by age,

So tall and towering here you stand
Right into my wildest dreams is where you land,

When the wind blows your hair on your face
I swear I lost track of my pace,

Big brown eyes staring back from the sockets
Could send my heart roaring like rockets,

Words are helpless while describing your lips
Plunge it into chocolate and take a few dips,

The temperature seems fine when you’re not around
But you show up and fire surrounds,

Russian never sounded so sweet
Because you tend to turn up the heat,

Dimka, with you I would love to stay
Neglect this cruel world and go somewhere far far away.


We are luckier than we think we are.

Why complain when you have a secure home
Strong men to love you and protect you
What of those women on the other side
Bloodbathed and slayed at sight,

Struggling for a morsel of food
Attempting to cover up of what is left of them
Is there no mercy left on this planet?
Is there no one who can bring order!

Babies wailing all night , famished
Whose lives not started ,yet already finished
Mothers trying to tend to them
Even though its mere faith that keeps them alive,

Let’s raise our hands to Him
He sees what we see!
Hope and beg for Peace
For He is Merciful and All-Hearing!

Remy LaBeau A.K.A Gambit ( Mutant) – Obsession Poetry IV

King of hearts might be a card

But he knows how to play it hard,


A hot thief who seized my heart

Who now hesitates to depart?


When the word Cheri fills my ear

I realize that I need not fear,


Huddle me up in that trench coat

And in pure bliss I will float,


That dazzling smile under the starlight

Undeniably adds to my delight,


How can you be so roguish?

Not to mention utterly stylish!


Royce Westmoreland (Duke of Claymore) – Obsession Poetry III

My spirits soar
Because of the arrogance you possess
Little do you know
That it doesn’t cause distress,

Those captivating eyes
Sends tremors through my body
As silver as a mist
Which can get me giddy,

Your lips are so generous
That can willingly kissed
One glance at your face
And it can’t be missed,

As dark as the night
The shades of your hair
When you shake it off your eyes
Makes my cheeks flare!

Set Me Free.

She stands up there
So bright and fair
Her hair swaying in the wind,

Help me , she yells
Waiting for the sound of bells
But everything remains still, 

He left her there
And took her pretty mare
For he fell for someone else, 

And off he rode
With his mighty sword
Leaving her to shed bloody tears, 

A highlander heard her cries
And saw through a monster’s foul lies
Took her under his wing, 

She smiled a musical smile
As he released her from exile
For love has found its will!