Laugh it off – #LoveAndLaughter

‘Laughter is an instant vacation.’ – Milton Berle

Marriage isn’t an easy process. When you are an Indian, you pretty much have to put up with the antics of the entire family. It doesn’t matter if you belong to a joint or nuclear system, trouble will always follow you like a magnet. You can never escape the constant noise and judgemental scrutiny.

It is not an easy adjustment, this living with another person. You tend to criticize and judge their every move, but that is where laughter comes in. Like a therapeutic vacation, it transports the weight of your sorrows to a faraway place.

My husband is a funny bloke, truly, the life of the party. You can literally measure the cackling of the people when he walks into a place. I have so many fond memories of him bursting my mood swings bubble. It is extremely hard to narrow down one!

In the summer of 2014, we were taking a long vacation in Europe and I was bored as hell. Zayed played a video of this Tamil television talk show called Neeya Naana on his laptop. I wasn’t very used to the Tamil shows back then, but decided to watch it alongside him. Rather he forced me to do it. The minute the anchor started talking, the jokes began pouring in. He serenaded me with his comical timing and I had to cling to my stomach, trying very hard to catch a breath. From how the coat of the anchor cascades over his body to the pretentious aunties with an overload of makeup, he didn’t spare a single soul in the room. It is wrong to ridicule people, I know, but you can’t help but laugh at what those losers cook up on that show! The over-confidence is the highlight of it.

When I am really trying to be mad at him for all the right reasons, he makes it so much harder with his unbelievable sense of humour. I have the need to bite my tongue from within and turn around to sink and smother my laugh. I feel like I lose the leverage if I give in to the fun at that moment. But sometimes, I liberate myself and laugh like a maniac.

This post maybe constricted to one memory of how much fun we had together by just watching a T.V show, I wish I could shower my readers with more such episodes. But really, just laugh it out, whenever you can. It always helps diffuse the tension of any sort.

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