Writer, coffee shop and a broken pencil (#14 W.O.W)


The centrum of the Simrishamn city was crowded today. I was hoping on getting some me time and not be troubled by the terrible music that filled the arena. Everyone seemed to be enjoying the Swedish singer’s moaning, but I had to get away. The jazz was slowly killing my buzz.

You may think that I am total moron for saying that, but I believe that a writer’s volcano of creativity erupts depending upon the setting and music. Sadly, my taste in music is fickle and I can never decide what I like the most.

I was determined to find the quietest coffee-shop that did not have an adjoining bar. Yes, that is what happens when you decide to drink coffee in Europe. There is always that bar that comes along with the deal. I am not a huge fan of bars or anything remotely related to it.

My legs were begging me to find that perfect spot in this amazingly cozy corner to start my new novel. Maybe God had different plans for me today and I had to cramp myself in the common table with an extremely hot guy one side and a potentially lesbian female on the other. Not that I am against gayness or anything, I am an uncomfortable person and I always love to stay away from people, generally.

I opened my brand new copy of the Maze Runner and smiled at the mere perfection of it. I rummaged through my knapsack to find my pouch and as I yanked the zip open, I found two blue gel pens and a broken pencil. Neither of which could be used to inscribe my name and the date of purchase on the front page. It was a trying day, indeed.


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#5 Five Sentence Fiction : Bubbles


Harini was once unmarried, full of life, fun-loving, until she lived in that beautiful little bubble of hers.

But then she decided to get married and she slowly realised that she had to sacrifice more than she could, undesirably letting more people into her bubble.

Worry stitched her eyebrows together, thinning her bubble in the process as it enlarged in size.

She wasn’t alone anymore and it hurt more than she had imagined.

She broke and so did the bubble as there was no more room for herself, she had pushed herself too hard and she couldn’t breathe.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Bubbles.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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#4 Five Sentence Fiction : Changes


Robin sat the foot of his mom’s bed, holding her fragile hand tenderly as she did not take his dad’s abandonment the same way he did. He withheld his unshed tears, made a promise to her and to himself that he was going to take care of everything, take charge of their lives and his. With his dad gone, unpaid bills would stack up, his sister would need to be guided and he would have to turn himself into the anchor of the family. Everything was going to change and he feared that the worst was yet to come.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Changes.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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#3 Three Word Wednesday : The other man

He glanced at his concubine, sprawled on the bed, revealing her milky body to him. She looked inviting and he was tantalized to spend the night with her in the little apartment. He did not care anymore, not of his wife or his children. He drowned himself in her sinful caresses and let her swallow him in her whimsical journey. He wanted to feel passion, raw passion that would make all the pain go away, just like that. How light it felt to not feel at all.

Somewhere, someplace filthy, his wife would be doing the same thing with another man. But why does the place have to be filthy? The thought comforted him in some way that she could not afford to hide her consort as luxuriously as he can. His blood boiled when he thought of her scandalously beautiful face pouting at the other mongrel.

His family was so broken that it was beyond redemption now. They had an unspoken agreement and somehow, they seemed to abide by it without any obstacles. The mutual understanding between the spouses was maddeningly peaceful. This should bother him, but he chose not to care, right? And yet here he is, wondering what she was doing with the other man. He hated her for that, because he could swear that she would not have second thoughts after jumping in bed with that bastard.


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#3 Five Sentence Fiction : Isolated


The light peeked through the cold bars as she fluttered her heavy eyelids, dark and drooping.

She hadn’t eaten the rotten bread they served for three days and the walls of the cell were closing in on her.

She hugged her knees to her chest and dug her nails into her thighs, wanting to feel the pain and blood.

She wanted to drown out the sounds of the pounding of the hammer on the stone and the constant cackling of her cell mates.

Central jail did not agree with her and she wanted to flee the wretched place.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Isolated.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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