Sam’s Pizza – Behold the disaster

It was one of those days when my silly friends insisted that we go to a pizzeria and have fun. After coming to the city of Chennai and a bunch of unpleasant experiences, I decided that it was not my thing. But I went along so as not to hurt their feelings because I had ditched them when they had gone out for a previous hang out. So we set off to Sam’s and I thought I could have a bowl of soup and some crunchy bread sticks but no, me being me saw the word, ‘Tandoori Chicken’ and fell into the trap. I ordered that dish and in front of me sat a pizza with Tandoori chicken toppings! I swore to my heart’s content and finally ate the toppings alone.

After a while, the dessert arrived, a beautiful brownie with vanilla ice-cream topping, man, that was beautiful indeed! And then came the bill payment, when we emptied our pockets and paid the guy off! 🙂 Fun but disastrous!



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