E is for Escape – #atozchallenge

Here is a FSF (Five Sentence Fiction) piece based on the word Escape. This post is also a part of 3WW.

 The old man hovered over the faucet, washed his knotted hands and slapped some water on his face as well.

Lividly, he brushed past the confused waitress who had waited on him and marched out of the Chinese restaurant.

His daughter hadn’t called him for a month and that was the only part of the day he looked forward to.

He gazed at the passersby impolitely.

He wanted to run away from his sordid life, the mounting bills, the miserable solitude; he wanted to escape.


Don’t break them vows – #SadaSexy

Husbands can be tricky creatures, confusing even and they tend to be confused as well. It is not a joke when people say that a man changes after marriage, it is only natural that he does. The boulder of responsibility gets dumped on their shoulders and honestly, they struggle to find their place. I, happen to be a credible witness to my hubby’s monumental transformation. He is an amazing father, surprisingly, a very persistent partner. Fatherhood does that to men, I guess, which is undoubtedly impressive.

I have to hand it to him; he has been taking hits like a punching bag this past year. But with me being a woman and all that, I still remain immensely unsatisfied. I don’t think I can help it. There are about a bazillion things I would like for him to promise me on this woman’s day, but I am also glad that he quit smoking after I announced my pregnancy (Thanks to Safreen, my little chubby tubby).

Can be frivolous,
Can be binding,
Can be a burden,
You don’t have to
Overthink it,
Just stand by your word.

15 Free, Pinnable Inspirational Quotes Graphics About Life, Love and Success  | Cuteheads:

Promise me, my “better” half that you will write to me (a simple email or a letter) at least once a month. For there is nothing more powerful than words were written down to express what you truly feel, which you cannot say out loud.

Promise me, that you will you will NEVER surprise me because you know exactly how ridiculous it feels (For the both of us).

Vow to pursue your passion for cooking for all eternity. I don’t think I am going to admit it to you, but you are a hell of a good cook. I mean, the sizzling Hyderabadi Biriyani to Spicy Mutton Kurma.

Make a promise to never stop fussing over my wounds, no matter how small it is. It makes me feel loved, it makes me feel wanted. In fact, it is better than professing your love for me.

Promise me, you won’t forget your penchant for traveling. We are yet to see the world, and Europe doesn’t cover all of it!

Promise me that we will revel in our secret jokes, using our code of satire that no one will ever comprehend!

Make me a promise, to not forget our fights over silly things only to laugh about it later.

Vow to be imperfect because perfection is a fantasy and those who choose to believe in its existence are wasting their life.

Promise me that you will be my everlasting rock, as you are now.

Promise me that we will never forget our friendship.

Promise me that you will always put your family, above all else.

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Fly high with Airbnb

I will give you one reason to read this post! Save 1548 bucks on your stay for your next well-planned trip! Now, doesn’t that sound amazing? I am sure you want to read on and find out exactly how you can accomplish that. I mean, who wouldn’t give to travel comfortably and get an awesome accommodation to spice up their trip and have the time of their life! I know I would.

After reading this post you are going to be able to gain some good old Airbnb credit to your sweet little wallet. Read on to find out how to do just that!

Airbnb is a community-built website launched in 2008 and literally solves all your travelling qualms. It is easy, cheesy and safe to work on all at the same time. It creates a platform where the hosts and the guests can communicate with authenticity and transfer payments can be made smoothly. Many hosts and travellers opt to simply create an unpaid Airbnb account and list out  exotic spaces they can possibly rent, ANYWHERE IN THE WORLD. How cool is that? This gives room to home-stays where some people like to stay and feel at home, even when they are on a vacation.

The best part about this web-site is the fact that you can rent places according to your taste to stay from local hosts in more than 34,000 cities and 190+ countries.

I guarantee the coolest interface on this baby when you are surfing to find that dream location where you can spend your perfect vacation, or just a damned business trip. Even your assistant won’t complain when she gets cruising on this website. They have some stupefying properties that can get you dreaming in no time!

I have compiled my awesome wish-list and cannot wait to share it with you. It comprises of good old ranch houses to tree-houses in the middle of god-knows-where. And that’s what I love about Airbnb, they have that special spot for you, even if it is in the middle of the forest and you just want to be lulled by the sound of wolves howling. (Kidding, but it could be a dream-come-true for some people!)

Here is my awesome #TravelBucketList, there is no turning back now!

1. Cypress House Ranch Bed & Breakfast

Bushnell, FL, United States


(Images courtesy https://www.airbnb.co.in)

I mean the words ranch house pretty much describes what I love most about this property. I got one word for you, folks – HORSES! Ever since I was a kid I dreamed of owning a ranch house, let alone visit one. This would truly tick off that little dream of mine. To feel the wind in my hair as I ride those majestic beasts, untamed and lush. And the tags bed and breakfast simply sounds divine!

2. At Cloud 9 – Stunning Lake Front Apartment

Queenstown, Otago, New Zealand


6de8fce3_original(Images courtesy https://www.airbnb.co.in)

New Zealand. Ever since I watched the Lord of the Rings New Zealand tourism guide, I have been dying to visit that place. It helped me day-dream about Legolas too, I mean can you blame me? The dude has sexier hair than mine!

legolas gif(Gif courtesy http://giphy.com/)

Coming back to the point, I do love the scenery and the chilly weather. It is perfect for a nice and warm tea-party with some chatty friends to go with.

3. Château de Barnay – South Burgundy

Saint Martin de Lixy, Saône-et-Loire, Burgundy,France


(Images courtesy https://www.airbnb.co.in)

I think a travel bucket list is incomplete without a chateau! I love the exquisite air around it and the scenic country-side to top it all off. A nice long summer in this big baby ought to quench my thirst. I can already imagine the lazy mornings, yummy French breakfast in bed, the long walks in the gardens and the view of the area surrounding the chateau from the bed-rooms! Dang it, I want to go there so badly.

4. Beautiful Island Croft Cottage

Na h-Eileanan an Iar, United Kingdom


(Images courtesy https://www.airbnb.co.in)

My fascination with this destination is not this cottage, but to stay here and visit this little spot right here.


(Images courtesy https://www.tripadvisor.com)

It is referred to as the Callanish standing stones, Scotland’s most famous stone-site that I would love to visit. Obviously, it has a legendary myth to go along with it. Local tradition explains the presence of these stones by saying that when giants of old who then lived on the island refused to be Christened, St. Kieran turned them to stone. Another local belief of this Gaelic-speaking community was that when the sun rose on midsummer morn, the ‘shining one’ walked along the stone avenue, his arrival heralded by the cuckoo’s call. See, stories like these make me want to go there already!

5. Aroma(n)tica Treehouse in Monferrato

San Salvatore Monferrato, Alessandria, Italy


This is the flawless little magical tree-house could be where I pen my next novel! It is simply too accurate for a quiet evening when I can just sit back and let my brain buzz with words, inking them as it goes. The vision in itself is perfectly poetic and aesthetic. The whole place screams the word – Magic, really. I can just picture myself with green tea, right there on the balcony. Not giving a damn about the bird droppings! (Oh yeah, birds ain’t got nothing on me)

How to earn your travel credit?

It is quite simple, actually. You just have to follow the steps mentioned below.

  • Click on the link over here to be forwarded to a page that will display this banner, indicating my special invite.


  • After clicking the link, you might see ‘Aaliya invited you to join Airbnb’, click on the button that says ‘Sign up to claim your credit’.
  • The next step is to sign up via Facebook or Google Mail or by simple Email.
  • In case you have already registered with Airbnb, opt for the ‘Sign up with Email option’ and create a new GMail account for yourself as this Rs.1548 Airbnb promo code offer is only valid for new account signups.
  • Now, all you got to do is sign in. In order to edit your profile, click on your name at the top right-hand-side corner. Have fun filling out the details to be included in your profile.
  • To know more about the terms and conditions of using your Airbnb credit and Airbnb coupons, click here
  • You are all done! Why don’t you get packing and booking on that trip, eh?

Airbnb cover

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‘Cleaner India’ – Not a dream anymore!

fter planning to go on a shopping trip to a place called ‘T-Nagarshopping street in Chennai with my girlfriends, I truly regretted the decision. Not that I am not used to the whole unclean situation, living in India, we tend to adapt ourselves to the environment and ignore the nasty odor that follows us everywhere. I MEAN EVERYWHERE WE GO. How many of us throw the trash after finding a dust bin in the premises? The fact that you won’t find one is more likely. I suggest that we drop it in our pockets or handbags and later on trash it when we find one. Isn’t that a simpler solution than adding the extra chips packet or juice carton to the already mounting pile in the street corner!

You can see ample amount of overflowing trash cans with no one to attend to it throughout the day. The trash collectors with the huge trash trucks arrive only early in the morning or after midnight to avoid the traffic. It is not that we can blame them as they do their jobs. But an argument can be made for extra garbage bins to be placed on every street, catering to the needs of the rising population.

The debate for a cleaner India has been going on for ages and we do it all the time, in inter-collegiate competitions or just when a bunch of friends hang out with one another. There is always this one guy who extinguishes the fire by saying that we can’t do anything about it or India is NEVER going to change. Though, you can’t really blame the guy for ending the ‘mundane’ conversation. It does bore you after a while but that really passionate guy gets put off for his excellent comebacks!

Recently, the people who live on our street started to throw their trash bags right in front of our house, as there is an abandoned old office and no one uses it anymore. Some ignorant dunderheads threw their garbage wrapped in polythene bags from their third floor windows! Can you imagine the repercussion of such an instance? Well, I’ll tell you what happened. The street cats and dogs had a magnificent feast laid out for them to rip apart and have some party fun. The cows didn’t stand back either and delved right in, not forgetting the midnight visits of various rodents and insects.

My husband freaked out and registered a complaint on the Public Grievance and Redressal System under the Corporation of Chennai Portal. He even requested for extra garbage bins within the street and distributed posters to avoid the cluttering of the waste bags in the street corners. To my surprise, the authorities showed up and they installed two extra bins within the street and the malicious neighbors were even fined! There is hope left for a cleaner India after all! All we have to do is abide by the rules and take the first step in making it a better place to live.

The National level campaign Swachh Bharat or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims at doing exactly that, all we got to do is join hands and materialize that dream! The #AbMontuBolega campaign commenced by Strepsils targets at invoking the spirits of the people of India, directing them towards raising their voice and making a difference in our country. If we believe in eliminating ‘all that is dirty in our country’, we can do so by uniting our voice as ONE. Let us start ignoring the rebellious desire to break the rules and stop littering our land of opportunities.

Strepsils cover

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Black is Badass. #WHATTHEBLACK

 Black is a special color in my life, as it helps me to be hidden, or should we say stay undercover? I know it sounds completely weird, but hey, black is as stealth as a shadow. Black is dark, brooding, mesmerizing and sure as shooting BEAUTIFUL. I have a peculiar list of black things that I would want in my life. Here goes!

Christian Louboutins


I have always wanted a pair of black louboutins, but honestly, I don’t think I have the confidence to rock the pair. I feel like you need the elegance and poise to carry it off. But one day, I hope to wear them with the swagger that remains in my head alone.


Owl Pendant


I have been searching for the perfect black owl pendant since I developed a penchant for owl inspired accessories. Seriously though, they make you look adorable even when you are a giant (like me). So yeah, that would definitely be a part of my black-stuff-I-want-to-Possess list.


James Buchanan(Bucky)Barnes– The Winter Soldier


The whole idea of being a spy, dressed entirely in black is appealing and sexy. But when it comes to redefining all that brooding and pain smashed into one, I would hand it over to none other than the Winter Soldier portrayed by actor Sebastian Stan. I simply loved the depth of the character and how Stan managed to capture the raw agony bubbling beneath the surface of a very calm and confident spy. He is dressed entirely in black except for his shining metallic arm with the soviet red star. I don’t think I need to explain my reasons for wanting to possess him!

Dusk Abaya


This is abaya is a part of an exclusive collection from Inayah, an online Abaya store that has various types of abayas for people who would just look too damn cool if they donned them. This is one of my personal favourites because it is something that I would dare to wear. It is classy and fine, and damn, the mid-section of this excellent piece makes me go wild. I want this one, real bad!




I think bangles can beautify anyone. Especially for someone like me who prefers to be seen in an abaya when I am out. It makes me feel cool, and these black babies will simply do the trick. Slipping in some metallic bangles will just glorify the black ones, making them stand out distinctively.



5 things that you love in Black!

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