The Final Countdown (#6 W.O.W)


The cold barrel of a gun
Plunging into her head,

Piercing a hole through
Her forehead,

Splattering blood everywhere,

Rage, guilt, anger, love
Ravages my brain,

I killed her

And I am grinning.

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The Curious Case of the GreenPeace Colony (#5 W.O.W)

A pool of crimson blood was puddled on the marble floor of Shireen’s building. It was from the pallid and white corpse of Dolly. Shireen and Aunt Bobby stood rushed out of the door and stared at the body that lay on the floor. The pinkness from Shireen’s cheeks drained and Aunt Bobby was silent for the first time in her life.

The red and blue lights of the ambulance flashed furiously as it raced to halt in front of the building. It was too late now, it was too late to save Mrs.Dolly D’Souza. Aunt Bobby was eavesdropping on the two police officers who were standing at the crime scene.

“The dead lady’s son is M.I.A.” The first officer said. 

“I have my suspicions on that kid, he probably killed her and stole the money.” The second officer concluded.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda

Shop till you drop – 2030

“Amy’s anniversary party is tomorrow?!” I screamed loud enough for the other restaurant goers to scowl at me. 
“Hold your horses, Rose. It’s going to be fine.” Harriet tried to calm me down.
We were at the Citadel lounge and nothing was going to spoil it for me, but guess what, I just blew it up again. I did not know that Amy was having her party tomorrow until Samantha called me and informed about the last minute change of plans. That woman got her brains chewed on by a cat, as I can see she has clearly lost it. For one minute I think that I am going to savor the moment and the next minute someone has to screw it up for me. I was mumbling about my misfortune to myself and Jazz lifted me off the seat and pulled me into a hug.
“Hey, baby!” He said and did not let go of me.
“Hi, love. Where were you?” I hugged him back fiercely.
“Nothing baby, just goofing’ around. I just got my air car 360 with a turbo booster, thought you would need a ride home!” He replied as he reclined into the nearest arm chair.
“But how did you know I was at the Citadel?” I asked him.
“But do stay for Champagne, Jazz. We cannot handle Rose without you.” Harriet butted into our conversation.
“I bet you haven’t decided what to wear to Amy’s party, tomorrow?” Jazz spoke confidently.
“How did you know that, and how come you knew the party was moved tomorrow?! So, everyone else knew about this and you guys did not bother to inform me. This is colossal, guys!” I screeched.
“Honey, relax. We got it covered.” Harriet chimed.
“The Citadel now offers the Hologram Shopping Service to its customers. Now, you can choose your clothes and shoes, right here.” He pecked my nose and whistled to one of the staff members and started an animated conversation with him.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked Harriet.
“It will be just fine.” Harriet patted my hand.
The Holographic Shopping Service is a form of holographic image of the article that you would want to buy, which materializes right in front of the person, anywhere and anytime. I did not think about that as I was too busy fretting about it and my extreme level of stress blocked my brain for good. And the best part about it is the fact that you can touch it and feel it, just like how you shop from a store down the street. The clothes and shoes can be worn too!
So, I did a mini ramp-walk for my friends at the Citadel lounge and I got to wear the perfect outfit to Amy’s party as well!


The Curious Case of the GreenPeace Colony (#4 W.O.W)

Salaam, Shireen!” Aunt Bobby exclaimed as she entered her neighbor’s flat.

“Wassalaam, Aunt Bobby! How are you doing?” Shireen faked a smile and was ambushed by her fierce embrace. 

Here’s thing about Aunt Bobby, no one likes her and yet she manages to squirm into everyone’s flat. She is the bringer of unimaginable gossip and the queen of the GreenPeace properties’ colony. Even though they hate her, they would put on a honey coated face and the bees would not think twice about buzzing around them.

“Did you know that Dolly’s son is going to do his M.B.A in the University of Pennsylvania?” She clapped excitedly with a glint in her eyes.

“I did not know that!” Shireen mirrored aunt Bobby’s expression

“Dolly is tired of convincing him to get married and she is dying to hold her grandchildren in her arms. Yes, she is that desperate, but who can blame her.” She prodded.

“How will she stay away from him? Poor Dolly.” Shireen was getting better at this, she was tired of feigning excitement and energy, she never really like to gossip and Aunt Bobby is not the one to give up so easily. She would not rest until everyone in the colony has become a member of her dangerous clique. 

“Oh no, Shireen. I think it is a girl. Dolly was crying the other day and she was mumbling something about an Australian girl. So that means Vicky is planning to go to the U.S and get married to that foreigner girl.” She concluded with a smug grin on her face.

They heard a sudden knock on the door and Shireen went to open it.

Namaste, Shireenji! You have to come outside and see what’s going on.”
The janitor cried madly.

“What happened, Pinto? Why are you screaming like this?” Shireen inquired.

Aunt Bobby and Shireen went out into the corridor and gasped with fear. 


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Momma’s Special

I was sleeping in my bed, literally sprawled on it. I was tired and my body was aching. Every inch of my body screamed to be massaged and caressed, I was so damned beat. I was so lazy that I did not bother to have lunch. My mom would never let me sleep in and skip the meal. So the next thing I knew, she bangs open the door of my room. Yes, she never knocked and she made it pretty clear that she never will. That’s my mom for you! But before I saw her face, I could smell her divine fried rice and butter chicken. It engulfed the room and ensnared my senses. I was in a trance, minus the zombie-walking pose.

“Mom! Do I smell butter chicken and fried rice?!” I exclaimed.

“Yes, sweetie. I knew you were tired, so I brought the damn thing to your room.” She said and smiled at me with all her mommy love pooled on the plate. She makes the best fried rice and she knows it alright. She placed it on the side table and walked towards the door, when I yelled out, “Mom!! Feed me will you?”

My mom does not like to feed us, well, she loathes it and that is one of the reasons I make her do it. Not in a sadistic way, but I feel special when she feeds me. My brother has a way for making her feel guilty if she feeds me and not him. So she ends up feeding the both of us, but only on rare occasions.