#1 Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete’s

Writing prompts for this week are: Unalienable, Melancholy and Discreet

End it,
just end it all,
one quick swipe
across the puke green veins
let the blade do its work
melancholic red liquid, flushed
out of the miserable flesh
discreetly oozing
into the slimy drains,
end the unalienable existence,
and pathetic.

After wrapping up Three Word Wednesday last week, Sheilagh has initiated Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete’s. It is a rejuvenation of TWW of some sort and I couldn’t be happier to contribute to this week’s prompts. Hope TTT becomes a huge success in the writing community with those three words posted weekly.


#10 3WW – Goodbye, Haphazard, Memorize

Final writing prompts for Three Word Wednesday are:

Goodbye, exclamation: farewell, adieu, au revoir, ciao, adios; bye, bye-bye, so long, see you later, see you, sayonara; bon voyage; cheers; noun: parting, leave-taking, send-off.

Memorize, verb: commit to memory, remember, learn by heart, get off by heart, learn, learn by rote, become word-perfect in, get something down pat.

Haphazard, adjective: random, unplanned, unsystematic, unmethodical, disorganized, disorderly, irregular, indiscriminate, chaotic, hit-and-miss, arbitrary, aimless, careless, casual, slapdash, slipshod; chance, accidental.

Three words,
for Wednesday,
three words,
to brighten my day,

Allow me, to memorise,
when I first started to write,
with three words as pillars,
to my piece – poetry or fiction,

Waiting until Wednesday,
haphazardly scribbling things,
mostly ridiculous,
some worth a second glance,

Edit, rephrase, repeat,
although not a regular
it pains me
to bid you goodbye,

Your three words,
made me bold,
speak my mind,
spurt colours of creativity,

Thom, you beautiful soul!
here’s to those three words,
hastening me to write
from the heart, every week.

Three Word Wednesday has been an epic part of my very short writing journey, I have enormously enjoyed squiggling little poems and short fictional pieces. Even though I don’t always post my work here, it definitely brought out the best of me on paper, and I will always be grateful for that. I have to hand it to Thom for bringing a bunch of exceedingly talented lot together under one banner. Getting super pumped to read their poems every week is something I am going to have to live without. By all odds, the blogging community is going to miss those three words that perk up their Wednesdays! Although I hope we create something beautiful like TWW pretty soon. Cheers.


This is the final post forThree Word Wednesday (3WW)


#9 3WW – Abandoned, Babyish, Cunning

This week’s writing prompts for Three Word Wednesday are:

Abandoned, adjective: deserted, forsaken, cast aside/off; jilted, stranded, rejected; informal dumped, ditched, unused, disused, neglected, idle; deserted, unoccupied, uninhabited, empty, uninhibited, reckless, unrestrained, wild, unbridled, impulsive, impetuous; immoderate, wanton.

Babyish, adjective: childish, immature, infantile, juvenile, puerile, adolescent.

Cunning, adjective: crafty, wily, artful, guileful, devious, sly, scheming, designing, calculating, Machiavellian; shrewd, astute, clever, canny; deceitful, deceptive, duplicitous, foxy; noun: guile, craftiness, deviousness, slyness, trickery, duplicity; shrewdness, astuteness.

Fingers tugging at your hair,

seamless, needy, fragile,

the pads revelling rhythmically,

a cocoon of comfort,

abandon the night terrors,

bloody punches and purple bruises,

close your eyes,

think of me,

I am right here, darling,

focus on my fingers,

encase your babyish face,

kissed by the sun

beneath the sporadic clouds,

hear my sweet song,

lull you to sleep,

know peace, my love,

you are safe,

away from the cunning hands,

no one can hurt you now,

you are safe, with me.

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#8 3WW -Jockey, Kindred, Lopsided

Hey guys! I have been such a lazy bum lately that I didn’t even have the decency to grace you beautiful people with a new year post. So please bear with me as I rope you all in on my new piece for 3WW. It is felt sufficient to write and hope you lovelies like it. Cheers.

This week’s writing prompts for Three Word Wednesday are:

Jockey, verb: manoeuver, ease, edge, work, steer; compete, contend, vie; struggle, fight, scramble, jostle.

Kindred, noun: family, relatives, relations, kin, kith and kin, one’s own flesh and blood; kinsfolk, kinsmen/kinswomen, people; adjective: related, allied, connected, comparable, similar, like, parallel, associated, analogous, like-minded, in sympathy, in harmony, in tune, of one mind, akin, similar, like, compatible.

Lopsided, adjective: crooked, askew, awry, off-center, uneven, out of line, asymmetrical, tilted, at an angle, aslant, slanting; off-balance, off-kilter.


Kindred minds,

shared lopsided smiles,

now jockeyed into

each other’s hearts?

This post is a part of Three Word Wednesday (3WW).



#12 Poetry Rehab 101 : Red

by Annie Leibovitz. 타짜카지노라이브블랙잭우리카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭우리카지노우리카지노라이브블랙잭우리카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭우리카지노우리카지노라이브블랙잭우리카지노타짜카지노이브블랙잭우리카지노: (Image courtesy of pinterest)

You have seen me
but you
will never see
all of me

All of me
all of you

all of you
I know

streamed vengeful
from you

from all of me

all of me


This post is a part of Andy Townend’s Poetry 101 Rehab.