What makes me happy!

Life is full of surprises, but we don’t give it enough time or thought. We don’t have the patience to stop by and smell the flowers. On a constant race to please others and what they might think about us, we forget to live our life for ourselves. We forget that we need to please ourselves first. What happened to that time when grandmother’s samosas would be cracking in the frying pan and our hungry tummies would hum along with it? What happened to that moment when we would munch on those regal green mangoes after dipping them in a mixture of salt and chilli powder?

No one knows what is in store for us in the future and we miss out on living our lives to the fullest. We miss out on living in the moment. It does not necessarily have to be a surging amount of joy that might drown you in it. A little thing that might make you reminisce about the good old days, when you can travel back to your childhood in a fraction of a second and grin like an idiot.

Remember that time when you blushed when your crush might have caught you staring at him, or when you daydreamed about him for hours together and still never got tired of it. It all seems like a stupid dream now, but it still brings a smile to your face when you think about it.

Try not to forget what you are passionate about. Try not to forget what makes you smile most. I still love the thrill of facing the gaze of hundreds of people upon me when I am on the stage and about to deliver a speech. It reminds me of who I am and what I do best, and that makes me happy. It makes me brave because even though my nerves freeze up a little bit and my palms might get twitchy, I know that I love public speaking.

A similar feeling occurs when I erratically scratch onto a paper and a poem just magically falls into place. I love how it constructs itself robotically as I play along with the words. That is a simple joy amidst of all the crap that I might be going through at that moment, mostly when I have an assignment due the next day.

But today we forget all those small things that brought a smile to our faces. We forget what actually made us happy because we give importance to things that might not even be of actual relevance. Go down the memory lane and recollect that moment when you actually smiled, it is never too late. We fail to do that the most as we strive to make a better future for ourselves. Be happy now, so that you can travel to a better tomorrow.




Flicker of Hope

Pregnancy can be a tricky period. There would be this one minute when you are joyous beyond your comprehension and the next minute you would just want to bash your husband’s head on the wall, especially when mine has this annoying habit of breaking into a song. Trust me when I say that HE CANNOT SING. Now that I am in my third trimester, I have somehow overcome throwing silly temper tantrums. But the worst part is that I would never know what is going to make me angry. I cannot predict when the she-hulk would just pop out and make a mess.

There were times when I would just lie on the bed, waiting for the day to end. And I mean literally lie on the bed and wait for the day to just pass by, because life was so meaningless. Of course, I had miraculous moments when I felt the baby’s first kick and I incessantly started to feel it moving around in my body. It was weird and cool at the same time. I don’t think I can explain how I feel every time that happens. I guess you just have to experience it.

I live in Sweden with my husband and it gets lonely here. You would think that I have all the time in the world to do what I want and do it when I please. But I miss the schedule and the people. Most of all, I miss my mom’s food. One of the cruelest things is that I cannot eat a single meal cooked by my mom. Sometimes I would just lose hope and shut myself in the house for weeks. I know that is selfish of me to deprive my baby of fresh air and the sun. (Which never comes out unless it pleases!) And I would buck up for my baby, who constantly conveys wise words to me. I would just rant away my thoughts and problems to it and I would feel better all of a sudden. It would feel like someone is there to listen to me, someone actually cares.

I know I can always talk to my husband, but like I said, pregnancy changes you. I got to discover a whole new side of me. It was bizarre in every way, but I knew that I could handle it, because I had this someone with me, who would relentlessly be my company without my asking for it. It felt nice, it felt like I am loved and wanted. I realized that my baby is the key to my being happy and healthy. I know that it is foolish to acknowledge that my unborn child is my knight in shining armor, but to hell with it, it is what it is!

Hope can be given to someone in many ways. Sometimes, it can be a thought, sometimes it can be the smile of the person you love the most and sometimes, it can be a simple nudge of your baby from within you.


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An Ode To The Litterbug

This nation needs to applaud

To the birth of this being

Truly a man of action

Unruly to the saner lot,

Let me introduce you

To the great Indian litterbug

The more I say

The better it gets,

It ain’t going to be pretty

But who cares about what you think?

It’s all about him

And how he spits shines,

He can paan-parade on somebody

By dangling off the foot-board

Not bothered about the expletives

That would decorate his eardrums,

No, he is too cool for you

And you can only aspire

To become like him

Or are you him already?

His fingers itch to throw something

Not into the trash bin

Because that would be a sin

How offensive that sounds!

All hail, open defecation

Didn’t you know, that is so

In the season

Let it trend on the internet!

He creates a new revolution

Oh, the litterbug,

Is a freaking sensation

Wish everyone were like him,

This narcissistic celebrity

Whom you all should hero-worship

Is spreading the plague

All over the city,

Our spiritual and holy lands

Conquered by this beloved bug

Who only wishes to begrime it all!

Oh, won’t you let him do it?

This awesome superstar

Disperses only filth

Might not need your help

But sends out the distress call,

Soon you shall follow

Heed to the mighty litterbug

For he will trap you

In his disconcerting trance,

We shelter this creature

Nurturing and educating him

And he opts to ignore

His sense of morality,

He loves to throw a trash-y party

Painting the country red

With splattering tobacco

And a heartless body,

He lives amidst us

Ostentatiously, moves through the ruckus

Having started it by himself

Loving every bit of attention,

He ballet-dances

Around open siphons

Trash here, trash there

And let it rain everywhere,

He flatters the undisturbed walls

With his artistic abilities

He draws the maze of urination

Contributing to society,

He is the proud son

Of mommy India

A being born out of

Encouragement and hope,

The litterbug simply loves

To frolic in filth

Ignoring the clarion cry

Of our incredible Modi Man,

But I already told you

He is too cool for that

Because the PM has got

Nothing on him!

To hell with ‘A Swacch Bharat’

He says, and vows to never

Volunteer to do abominable tasks

Or burden him with unholy promises,

Such is the mind

Of the great Indian litterbug

What if he is Loki’s devotee?

Because he does what he wants!

He dares the people

To dream of cleaner grass

And pretty park benches

For it will remain a dream,

No one can defeat

The great Indian litterbug

He defies the litter-god himself

If there was one!

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Secrets & Lies

Lying comes to all of us, inherently. It is not like we practice the art of lying, but it is a trait that we pick up along the way in our lives. It is like a defensive weapon that we sometimes wield in front of our parents, relatives or even our best friends.

Secrets and lies go hand in hand and keeping a cousin sister’s secret is like a blood oath that you take upon yourself. They maybe a cousin, but if you don’t have a sister of your own, they naturally fall into that category. The alliance you form with them is valued to be very precious and the feeling will be unequivocally mutual. One such secret did cost us a lot and that we had to lie to defend it from our own kin.

As you all know, getting into a relationship is a big deal for girls, especially when we are teenagers. The rush is just too much to comprehend and we end up confiding to our best friends or better yet, our cousins. (They are pretty much considered to be best friends!) At the age of fifteen, my beloved cousin Fareeha sprinted into a relationship which was very appealing to her at that time. Little did she know that the dude was a possessive and psychotic nutcase! I had just flown down for a vacation and like always, my brother and I spent it at my grandmother’s. She was budding with the news and as soon as everyone went to bed, we hastened to our special spot on the terrace.

Armed with sweltering mugs of coffee, we started our prized conversation. I was not prepared for the news and spilt out coffee, almost choking on it. She was mooning over him until dawn and honestly, I just wanted a good night’s sleep by the end of it. Her elation was infectious and I joined in too, teasing her and the boyfriend as well. I am not going to lie though; it was amusing for a while. But things escalated quickly and soon the relationship swung from eternal bliss in paradise to a Doom’s Day parade. His possessive nature was getting on her nerves and she was not “accommodating” enough (According to that deranged crackpot).

We had to lie over and over again to her parents as well as mine, to get her to meet him, while I acted as her guardian. Though we swore not to tell anyone, the situation had become quite intense and inescapable. He turned from boyfriend to psycho-stalker, posing problems to her and wherever she went. It was getting out of hand and nightmarish too. And then I had to make a decision, whether to rid ourselves of this monster or to suffer under his wrath till the end of my “alleged” peaceful vacation.

I confessed everything to my Chachu (My dad’s younger brother), staking my relationship with my cousin because she wanted to handle things her way and she was failing miserably too. Let’s just say that my chachu “handled” everything and the guy was nowhere to be seen around us after that episode. Fareeha was furious and didn’t talk to me until my vacation ended. I knew it was not going to be a pretty sight, but I contended myself over the fact that I saved her ungrateful butt! Who knows what that stalker was capable of?!

Well, that’s my story and I take pride in telling the truth at that right time, for it saved both me and my cousin from a terrible fate. I know that it sounds exaggerated, but stalkers too turn into rapists when pushed onto the edge to prove a point. (Just saying!)

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Into the Woods – #RiseAboveFear

Fear is omnipresent. Fear is inevitable. And there is nothing to be ashamed about admitting one’s fear. It defines a part of who we are. We all have our fair share of fears and my list is pretty extensive.

My honeymoon trip was pretty exciting and my husband had planned for us to go to Kerala. It was quite exotic and as you all know that it is thickly populated with forests, no doubt about that. We had traveled along with my sister-in-law and her husband. The more the merrier, right? We had planned out our trip and narrowed down to visiting three places in ‘God’s own country’. Our agenda included that we start from Munnar, onto Thekkady and then the last stop would be Alleppy. Munnar was a harmless hill-station where we just went onto visit the famous tea-estates and mountain peaks. But the real crazy streak began in Thekkady.

The resort where we had checked into was in the middle of a freaking forest! If that was not creepy enough, wait till you hear the rest of it. The nights were the scariest when we could literally hear the hooting of the owls and the howling of the wolves, or was it just my imagination? I don’t know because I was scared to death and hid under the blankets holding in my pee. If that portion was not scary enough, we had bizarre insects invading the balcony and I don’t do well with them either, they frighten the hell out of me.

My beloved husband took me on a forest trekking adventure the next day and it was meant to be a surprise! My sister-in-law and I were entirely unprepared for the trek. I didn’t even have my trekking shoes, for crying out loud! I was clad in my Christian Louboutin peep-toe boots. Yeah, I used that as an excuse because the forest had already freaked me out until it had driven me crazy. My sis-in-law was running half-way back to the spot where we had started from and her husband ran out to catch her.

We were compromised and dragged into the forest. The trekking guide had provided me with a pair of protective stockings that had HOLES IN IT. I mean the whole point of it being ‘protective’ was the fact that it covered your damned leg. And he sprayed some extra salt on my legs to calm me down because I had started hyperventilating. He had just warned me about the slimy leeches that would proudly suck on your legs if you don’t pay attention. And also if we were to be attacked by an enraged wild elephant, we should simply stand still and quietly get out of it’s way.

My face turned pastel and suddenly I could not breathe. But I knew that I had to go on, because there was no turning back after that point. That was the moment I decided to face my fears. Not that I had over-come them unreservedly but a part of myself the felt unwavering to get through the ruckus. I braved through the smarmy leeches (totally screaming, but hey, I made it!) and other sluggish insects as well. Thankfully, there were no infuriated elephants along the way. I proudly passed by the sly foxes as well.

I consider this little incident a victory. I credit myself for this remarkable feat. Even though my Christian Louboutins were destroyed in that trekking adventure, I had overcome my fear of insects and wild animals. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how I rose above fear, through that daring little venture.




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