#5 Five Sentence Fiction : Bubbles


Harini was once unmarried, full of life, fun-loving, until she lived in that beautiful little bubble of hers.

But then she decided to get married and she slowly realised that she had to sacrifice more than she could, undesirably letting more people into her bubble.

Worry stitched her eyebrows together, thinning her bubble in the process as it enlarged in size.

She wasn’t alone anymore and it hurt more than she had imagined.

She broke and so did the bubble as there was no more room for herself, she had pushed herself too hard and she couldn’t breathe.

This week’s Five Sentence Fiction prompt is Bubbles.

Lillie McFerrin Writes

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#5 Poetry 101 Rehab : Connection

Hello! Can you hear me?

Screaming into the mic,

Repetitive questions,

Asked continuously,

I can hear you,

But can you hear me?

Repetitive replies,

Summarises a skype call,

Call failed, after 30 seconds,

Failed internet connection,

A repetitive process,

Happens every time.

This week’s prompt is connection, and I have bluntly written about the dull connectivity of skype. It is a random rant constructed into a poem, hope you guys like the raw format of it.


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Happy Parenting! – RewardMe.in

I chose the topic ‘Child & You’ without even hesitating for a second as I have a two-month old baby in the house. It can be really taxing and stressful too since I am still getting used to the whole ‘Parenting’ phase. It is new, fun, scary and feels too responsible all at once, just like a tidal wave. I tend to feel anxious and heedful about my little girl almost all the time. But it feels so weird to care for so much another human being other than myself. Yes, I do admit that I am extremely selfish. It makes you appreciate a lot of things, like sleep for instance. And that is what I chose to read about mainly, since I crave that more than anything nowadays. That is part of the reason that I haven’t been blogging so often lately.

I slept like crazy when I was pregnant and now, it is unbelievably less compared to the nine-months of self-pampering and sprucing. And now I am just dead keen on syncing my sleep cycle with my baby, and might I add that I have mastered the process, sort of! I feel so proud of myself for having taken the extra effort to make my baby sleep for long hours so she can find her strength to move about healthily. The significance of sleep has been highlighted in this article ‘Why sleep is vital to your baby’s development’. Honestly, I did not know so much about the inner workings of the brain activity during the process of sleeping. It was astonishing to read so much information about how the brain is under strenuous labor while the baby is asleep. I loved the detailed facts regarding the dreaming patterns and exertion of the brain while those tiny eyes are shut, and all this time I thought she was relaxing her entire body!

Why is sleep vital to your baby's development

My kid was a little cranky when it comes to the recurring naps during her first month. I must add that it has changed drastically in the second month as she voluntarily sleeps after her frequent feeds (touchwood). Another article ‘Sleep sound, Sleep safe’ focalises on how the sleeping patterns can affect the baby on a daily basis. Sleeping patterns need to be established at the earlier stages of infancy as it can last throughout the kid’s childhood. These articles have taught me about the importance of sleep and how to help the baby to differentiate between day and night. The sleeping pattern we choose to create for them might affect in the long run and it solely becomes our responsibility.

RewardMe.in is an enlightening website and it’s as a result of its versatility, you can read a whole bunch of tips and suggestions on various topics. My primary choice being ‘Child & You’ has helped me to acquire knowledge on a lot of things. I found numerous articles on baby grooming and caring. Though I incessantly rushed through the articles I wanted to stay put and read more. Should I say that all you need time to read those remarkably written articles!

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