G is for Golgappas! – #atozchallenge

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Golgappas! The reigning street-food that is sold all over India knows no bounds. It is known by many other terms such as puchka, panipuri, pakodi, etc.

This mind-boggling snack is a burst of different flavors celebrating a mini holi in your mouth. It is a crispy outer barricade (puri) crammed with a soft filling made of spicy potatoes, peas, onions and coriander chutney, submersed in cool mint water (pani) or tangy tamarind and date chutney.

Golgappas brings back fond memories of my college phase (its just been two years though). I remember how I looked forward to nothing but the after-college street food rampage with my buddy Lubna. This is a golgappa  post, ladies and gentlemen!

You can check out the video of Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe of this crazy snack :

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MasterChef U.S? More like the hunger games.


It is an infuriating show that you cannot avoid, because it is in your face asking you to watch the damned thing. What a pain, right? But here is how I started to watch this show, I had nothing to watch. I know it sounds lame, but hey, I have to watch something or otherwise I might just lose my mind in this big apartment of mine. This show has everything that should not be in a culinary program. The episode time frame is about forty-two minutes and man, should I say it is disappointing as hell when they don’t even delve into the techniques of the cooking the contestants present.

Three things that mainly constitute this T.V show, drama, cussing and trashing-the-whole-freaking-plate! I mean, learn something from MasterChef Australia and stop referring to your show as the “only culinary show in the world” when you got the big guns (Like MasterChef Australia) being the front-runners. I know it is basically under the same banner, but the amount of difference they can put up is staggering. I say learn how to be poise, charming, elegant and good-hearted from Australia’s finest judges – Matt, George and Gary. Those three are like gems that don’t need polishing. I would just give them all a big hug and cry my eyes out when I meet them, they are adorable people.

In the MasterChef U.S, the three judges deviously pit the contestants against one another, juicing out more and more drama as the episodes go by. The contestants dance to the cruel tune of the judges, or should I say ‘The Puppet Masters’?
Gordon Ramsay has a track record for swearing, and honestly, I am so used to his abusive way of speaking to the home-cooks that it does not even bother me anymore. But I am always shocked when I recall that he did work under the legendary Marco Pierre White. It is disturbing to admit that so effortlessly.


Graham Elliot has a neutral way of handling things, there obviously has to be that one guy in the panel who seems unbiased and righteous.

Joe Bastianich is probably the most conniving and manipulative tool. He fuels the contestants’ rage and makes them do or say something that they would regret for the rest of the show (not that they all do). One moment you go like, ‘whoa’, and then the next you are like, ‘WHAT THE **** JUST HAPPENED?’

The contestants are a whole other chapter, man I could go on and on about them all day. They are all so cocky, dominant and obnoxious. There is so much open animosity in the entire show and they can never stand one another at all. Where is the concept of ‘healthy competition’, y’all?


They repetitively swear and wish that their competitors fall flat on their faces. They are a bunch of raging pit bulls who show no mercy or compassion to one another. You almost gasp every time when one of them states an opinion about a fellow contender. But you will eventually get used to it. I watched six seasons of Gossip Girl for “drama” and I do not need one in the form of a cooking show. Grow up, people, the junior MasterChef is way ahead of you lot.

And that is how a world-class culinary show (which they claim to be) turns into the hunger games. No pun intended there.

Black is Badass. #WHATTHEBLACK

 Black is a special color in my life, as it helps me to be hidden, or should we say stay undercover? I know it sounds completely weird, but hey, black is as stealth as a shadow. Black is dark, brooding, mesmerizing and sure as shooting BEAUTIFUL. I have a peculiar list of black things that I would want in my life. Here goes!

Christian Louboutins


I have always wanted a pair of black louboutins, but honestly, I don’t think I have the confidence to rock the pair. I feel like you need the elegance and poise to carry it off. But one day, I hope to wear them with the swagger that remains in my head alone.


Owl Pendant


I have been searching for the perfect black owl pendant since I developed a penchant for owl inspired accessories. Seriously though, they make you look adorable even when you are a giant (like me). So yeah, that would definitely be a part of my black-stuff-I-want-to-Possess list.


James Buchanan(Bucky)Barnes– The Winter Soldier


The whole idea of being a spy, dressed entirely in black is appealing and sexy. But when it comes to redefining all that brooding and pain smashed into one, I would hand it over to none other than the Winter Soldier portrayed by actor Sebastian Stan. I simply loved the depth of the character and how Stan managed to capture the raw agony bubbling beneath the surface of a very calm and confident spy. He is dressed entirely in black except for his shining metallic arm with the soviet red star. I don’t think I need to explain my reasons for wanting to possess him!

Dusk Abaya


This is abaya is a part of an exclusive collection from Inayah, an online Abaya store that has various types of abayas for people who would just look too damn cool if they donned them. This is one of my personal favourites because it is something that I would dare to wear. It is classy and fine, and damn, the mid-section of this excellent piece makes me go wild. I want this one, real bad!




I think bangles can beautify anyone. Especially for someone like me who prefers to be seen in an abaya when I am out. It makes me feel cool, and these black babies will simply do the trick. Slipping in some metallic bangles will just glorify the black ones, making them stand out distinctively.



5 things that you love in Black!

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The Perks & Blues of Weddings! (#8 W.O.W)

She bows her head 
As the shyness sweeps over 
and he strides into the room. 
With all the gusto
It is going to be truly magical,

And they know it very well
Surrounded by family and friends,
love has no boundaries
it is the union of two families 
and of two souls,

Everything feels good
The food, the attire 
Even the venue,
Decorated with ornaments
So lustrous that it twinkles,

It is better when their loved ones
Will make them cry and laugh
All at the same time
Never wanting to let go
Of them and their memories,

She weeps, tears of joy
And sorrow,
Embracing a new life
And departing from the old
Is this the best decision of her life?

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The Curious Case of the GreenPeace Colony (#5 W.O.W)

A pool of crimson blood was puddled on the marble floor of Shireen’s building. It was from the pallid and white corpse of Dolly. Shireen and Aunt Bobby stood rushed out of the door and stared at the body that lay on the floor. The pinkness from Shireen’s cheeks drained and Aunt Bobby was silent for the first time in her life.

The red and blue lights of the ambulance flashed furiously as it raced to halt in front of the building. It was too late now, it was too late to save Mrs.Dolly D’Souza. Aunt Bobby was eavesdropping on the two police officers who were standing at the crime scene.

“The dead lady’s son is M.I.A.” The first officer said. 

“I have my suspicions on that kid, he probably killed her and stole the money.” The second officer concluded.


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