The demonic face of humanity

The stains of the massacre

Innocent blood spilt

Aren’t your hands blemished?

Don’t they tremble at night?

The tiny and brittle bodies

Crammed into coffins

Their weight will be borne

By your shoulders alone,

How can you live with yourself?

How can you look in the mirror?

Do you have the nerve,

To face your Lord on the judgement day?


The Scarlet Blade

A sword, tainted with blood

Mounted on top of the peak


A warning for those who stoke

The wrath of the demon’s head


The duel comes with a price

That you lay down your life

To enter the arena,

That you climb the peak

Risking the fall

With an intention to rise,

Will you be able to?

Are you that strong?

Are you that imprudent?

Hell is an open party

Heaven is coveted,

Yet a tremendous gamble,

Choose your door with caution

For the opportunity,

Never comes twice.

I have been marked.

I have been marked



And not so immune,


I have been marked

By my blood cells

Constantly malfunctioning

And defenceless,


I have been marked

For I know not

How long I can bear

These blotches in red,


I have been marked


Like a reptile

Shedding skin,


I have been marked

Emotionally broken down

Cannot stand the image

That stares back at me,


I have been marked

For I know not why

And I know not how

But I wonder,


Why mark me?

Of all the people

For I had my skin alone

To love and cherish,


But it is tarnished


Bloody and itchy

Despicable to the eyes.



Pray for Gaza!


Raise your hands!

Beg. Appeal. Lament.

For the children

Ripped to shreds,

Riling up a blood bath

Feasting on the innocent

Why, Ya Allah?

So let me pray to you,

For you are Ever-Merciful


And All-Hearing,

Ya Rabil Alameen,

Heed to our pleas

Your slaves beckon to you

O! Master of the Universe,

We Pray for Gaza.


Murderous Love (#10 W.O.W)

Golden sheets turned crimson and wet

His nails dug into the feathers of the pillow,

Love had taken a barbarous toll

Her life-less body sagged on the bed,

As he washed his blood tainted hands with tears.

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