Good Mornings to Gold Mornings – #colgate360goldmornings

Snuggled in a comfortable blanket and securely locked away in the warmth of my bed, mornings can be the most difficult time of the day. During winter, especially, when the body desires nothing more than to just sleep in and shirk all duties. My little girl makes sure that I don’t, also, my coping ritual is quite simple and it starts with a certain C and ends with OFFEE!

Before the steaming mug of the scintillating liquid touches my lips, I dare not forget to brush my perfect set of pearly whites with the all new Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold toothbrush. After all, my teeth deserve a clean and screaming waking up call like my body does with coffee.

What better way to really “awaken your body” than a good jog, it may not be the most ingenious solution, but it works like a charm, every time. This regular routine has been a part of my life for several months now and I desperately want it to last infinitely. The best part about the workout session is that you are never alone in Chennai’s very own Marina Beach. It is the prime hotspot where, practically, everyone comes to blow off steam.

The actual key lies in drinking plenty of water after you have worn yourself out. It helps to energize the body and you can really feel the thirst crawling up your tongue.
After I get back home, I try to mentally list out my chores for the day. It helps me kick-start things faster. Being a nocturnal person my whole life, it was difficult for me to change my entire lifestyle since my baby was born. I groomed myself to be more organised and prepared.

Breakfast is an elaborate affair in our home. It is mostly Idli or Dosa, coupled with scrumptious vadas and scorching sambar. Occasionally, we would dabble with creative sandwich stuffing.


With the all new Colgate 360 Charcoal Gold, my teeth have never felt more refreshed. It tethers to the needs of my gums, tongue and cheeks, leaving no room for bad breath or mouth cavities! The intricate design of the multi-faceted toothbrush itself seems to work the magic of it all. And that, my friends, is how my good mornings are turned into gold mornings.



Voice of Silence (#16 W.O.W)

filled the air.
Not a word,
Two hearts,
beat rhythmically.
Anger gushed,
through her body,
She yelled,
inside her head,
crushed a dozen bones,
and gouged out,
bleeding eyes.
He observed  from afar,
Choosing to remain,


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Looking back – #Talesof2015

The first three months of the year 2015 were a blur. I can only remember being very pregnant, and finding it difficult to fit into my old outfits. Honest to God, I want to pop as quickly as possible, but it was freaking the hell out of me too. The thought of a person coming out of me was not easy to digest. If it wasn’t for my mom, I can’t even begin to imagine what the two of us might have done. Like blind lambs being led into the slaughterhouse, we would have fumbled all the way.

I can recall very vividly when my mother had woken up my husband, on the eve of the 23rd of April. Even though my water broke, I was really cool and didn’t fidget at all. Again, my mom handled the situation like an S.W.A.T team leader. Screaming out instructions to my husband, she took control of the wheels only to find him shaking like a birthday piñata.

Five hours in labour, the pain felt raw and then she arrived! At four twenty in the evening, I stared at her tiny body and her squiggly eyes. I high-fived my midwives, all that pain and exertion forgotten, it was worth every damned second. Nothing bore significance after she was born because it felt futile to even think about anything else. Clichéd as it may sound, the feeling of holding another human, whom you could care about more than anyone in the world, fascinated me. I understood what unconditional love really meant.

Post-partum episodes were pretty old school because of my mom and her “rules”. It was shortly followed by my first birthday with Safreen and not to forget the wedding anniversary. My husband didn’t cease to amaze me with his surprise presents and treasure hunts.

My mom left us in the month of August and only then did I experience the actual antics of handling a four-month-old, first-hand. I learnt so much in a span of one month, but it felt like I had lost a limb in the process.

In September, Safreen and I travelled to India for our first vacation. The “relatives” were going to see her for the first time and it was kind of a big deal. They were all hypocrites, throwing in lessons on “how-to-handle-your-freaking-baby” at every given opportunity. My blood had reached its boiling point, but I had to contain my rage for the sake of my little munchkin. It was that typical vacation where the in-laws give you crap and you pretend like it doesn’t bother you. But you actually want to tear everything down and wreak havoc.

Coming back home, it felt peaceful as winter settled in. The holiday season began, lights and decorations parading on every porch and window. Christmas was a splendid affair at Safreen’s playgroup, all of us danced around the adorned tree and sang songs in Swedish. She loved it all! That wasn’t even the best part, I happened to meet a Scottish couple who spoke with the accent and everything. It was a dream come true.

That sums up my #talesof2015, what about you?



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#9 Poetry 101 Rehab : Fem

We are magic.
We are might.
We are power.
We hold the key,
to life.
Warriors by birth,
defending our own,
since, well, ever.
Raise your swords,
for the war,
is never over.

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt is, Fem. I didn’t really think a lot when I saw the prompt at first. Grabbing a paper as quickly as possible, I scrawled the words, hoping they don’t fly out of my brain. Truth be told, I figured out the meaning of the poem, after I wrote it, sort of. I think it has a holistic approach towards being a woman, you know, like life is battlefield kind of thing. The struggles just keep coming and it is an endless path. But I guess it is the unfathomable strength that keeps us going all the way. Hope y’all like this one. Cheers.


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