Waddle – #atozchallenge

This poem is dedicated to my baby girl, Safreen. She turned one on the 24th of April and I am so proud of my little kitty. Here’s to her first steps!

She took short steps,
turning back,
every once in a while,
I wasn’t ready to let go,
I dreaded,
her every fall,
she waddled,
like a little penguin,
on a sheet of ice,
she advanced,
and just like that,
she began to walk.



2 thoughts on “Waddle – #atozchallenge

  1. C R Ward says:

    I love this poem – and it’s so true! My granddaughter just took her first steps a few weeks ago and my heart just about stopped every time she’d stumble, but she just kept on going. So much braver than her Grandma!

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