#9 Poetry 101 Rehab : Fem

We are magic.
We are might.
We are power.
We hold the key,
to life.
Warriors by birth,
defending our own,
since, well, ever.
Raise your swords,
for the war,
is never over.

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt is, Fem. I didn’t really think a lot when I saw the prompt at first. Grabbing a paper as quickly as possible, I scrawled the words, hoping they don’t fly out of my brain. Truth be told, I figured out the meaning of the poem, after I wrote it, sort of. I think it has a holistic approach towards being a woman, you know, like life is battlefield kind of thing. The struggles just keep coming and it is an endless path. But I guess it is the unfathomable strength that keeps us going all the way. Hope y’all like this one. Cheers.


This post is a part of Andy Townend’s Poetry 101 Rehab.

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