Dear Daddy – #HugYourDad

He takes shifts with your mom to stay up through the night to watch you, he changes your diapers when your mom has other chores to attend to, his strong arms of fortification engulf you when you fall asleep, and he is, a father!

This guy does not care whether he embarrasses you when you are in need of his protection, because that always comes first when it means his dear little princess is in danger. He might pulverize the dude who broke your heart, but what holds him back is your word.

He is the fun element that molds the family together and busts the serious cloud. There is always that one cool thing that you inherit from your dad, and mine being mimicry. Though I never practiced it enough, but I know that I would be as good as him if I did! He also passed on the penchant for languages to me, and I consider it as the greatest gift ever. The consequences of us knowing one language that is foreign to my mom and brother makes it all the more fun, as we pester them by speaking in that language. Our favorite choice being Telugu when our mother tongue is Tamil.

He made take-outs seems more fun than to eat at a hoity-toity restaurant where everyone does nothing but judge you and your attire, not to mention the ungratifying stares that go along with the deal. So, that brought on the Saturday night K.F.C Bucket take-outs which were way cooler than a five course meal at any star restaurant. Simple pleasures of life mate! There, even that is a life-lesson. Don’t get me started on his famous Malabar Parathas, which he fries with his hands and doesn’t use a cooking spatula! They bear a startling resemblance to the ones they make at the hotels. I think I missed that the most during my pregnancy.

The newly minted grandfather became the perfect nanny, who am I going to trust when it comes to taking care of my little girl? His pride has no boundaries when it comes to his grand-daughter. Now he has taken care of passing on the awesomeness to my baby as well without asking for it.

Daddies are the coolest creatures in the family, the fun ones who scoop you up and take you far away from mommy’s death glares. They are always ready to fight for what they love and provide protection when required. The reason they hover is because they can’t bear to see you fall. The reason they stay behind is to pick you up when you do. You might not realize just how much you put your faith in daddy dearest, it’s when you move away that you know how much his presence in your life means to you.

You don’t need father’s day to celebrate this guy because he doesn’t wait for a specific day to keep celebrating you! But on this special occasion, let us take time out and go out of the way to give this awesome guy called father, A HUG.

A poem for Father’s Day:

The protector,

The bread-winner,

The leader

Of the pack,

The one who looks after

His own,

The one who defends

His own,

Overwhelming vigilance

And brilliance,

He is, a father.

“This father’s day, I am expressing my love towards my dad by participating in the #HugYourDad activity at BlogAdda in association with Vicks.”


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