BOOK REVIEW: Manthan (The Kalki Chronicles) by Utkarsh Pandey

Manthan By Utkarsh Pandey

Publication date: September 23rd, 2017
Publisher: Aarahan Publishers
Pages: 231, Epub
Links: Goodreads | Amazon India
Stars: 3/5

Source: Review Copy

Time is a wheel that turns in circular motion. During this circumnavigation, The Earth according to mythology has undergone four Yugas, Satyuga, Tretayuga, Dwaparyuga and Kaliyuga. Hence, at the end of Kailyuga, Time and Earth return to the start of Satyuga.

Vishnu, the Preserver of the universe has the responsibility to maintain and sustain the Earth in this journey. He ensures that the world does not fall apart. To do so, his Avatars on Earth, guide humans to a new paradigm to ensure they tread on the path defined as per the laws of nature.

It is believed that we are in the fourth leg of time, the Kaliyuga. The Vedas and Gita mention that at the end of Kaliyuga, Vishnu will return to Earth as his tenth and final Avatar, Kalki and free the world from the shackles of Adharma. This is a fictional work, describing the journey of Kalki in the era of Kaliyuga and the challenges he faces in this journey. The characters and references in this book have been chosen from the ancient mythologies, however the story and the journey of Vasu is a work of fiction. ‘Manthan’ is the first in the series of books, ‘The Kalki Chronicles’. A journey of faith with all its highs and lows. I hope you enjoy being part of the Manthan that Vasu undergoes in order to become the great Avatar, Kalki!


When the Gods (Devas) banter and bicker amongst themselves, fearing the wrath of Adi Parashakthi (Supreme Goddess) would befall them, they bank on a young boy named Vasu to vanquish the ultimate threat to Prithvi – Kali! Believed to be an Avatar of Vishnu himself, Kalki would rise to take charge, prevent the destruction of mankind and obliterate the dark ages or Kaliyuga.

My Take:

The first book of the Kalki Chronicles, Manthan doesn’t fail to keep on your toes as it draws you into the trio’s (Vasu, Padma and Bhairav) invigorating journey to save mankind from the clutches of Kali (Basically a good God gone bad). There are intricate stories within the actual tale itself which is a fanatical load of information. You might want to persistently pay attention to those details as it aids with a better grasp of what the author is attempting to convey as a whole.

Being embodiments of the Gods from Hindu Mythology, the characters are embedded with their essence and thus blessed with incredible powers (Some unbeknownst to them). Bhairav was one such character who possessed the potential of a five-hooded snake, gifted with shape-shifting and compulsion powers and so much more. The ingenious amalgamation of fictional and mythological elements make this book all the more special. Although I found the base of the story to converge with that of the Harry Potter and the Percy Jackson series (Face it, they are going to be pillars of comparison for a lifetime), the author manages to steer the reader’s attention to the core of the story.

There were a few faltering episodes but you have got to hand it to this brave attempt to tell an amazing story of the Gods (Hindu Mythology). I’ve always been fascinated by this genre as and my very first book was Dark Things…by Sudha Kuruganti. It made me realize the potential of this genre in particular and the possible fictional reiterations it can produce. And thus, I began my quest to seek out these fruitful gems to feed my reader’s soul.

Writing Style:

The author has a no-nonsense tone and a pen full of gusto. The pleasing eloquence of the narrative and the subtlety in his language makes it a compelling piece you don’t want to miss. I think he has narrowed down the perfect modulation to relay this piece as it’s a combination of comfort and awe.

Final Note:

If you are fascinated by the texture of Lord Shiva’s hair then this is the book for you. Just kidding! It’s a tale of intensified mythological facts and stories, peppered with a generous serving of magic and lore! Oh and did I mention that there are DRAGONS! YES – DRAGONS! Pick this one if you are an ardent fan of Indian Mythology.

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Utkarsh is a Software Engineer, based out of Noida, India. An avid reader and photographer right from his school days, this is his first foray into writing. Utkarsh spends his time reading, watching movies and traveling. He lives in Delhi with his wife and newborn son.



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