#LoveJatao – Happy Grandparents Day!

beacons who  
light up  
disturbing days and  
Plates of biriyani 
licked off 
Sliding fingers sticky 
With aromatic masala, 
Saffron smeared  
badam halwa 
Scooped out of  
crystal bowls, 
A game of monopoly? 
Staggering wads 
Of rainbow cash, 
What’s the balance – banker? 
Ears pinched crimson, 
I’m so bad at math!

Grandparents – Creatures of habit who love to sleep on time and whose one goal is to see you beaming like bugs bunny spotting a bag of carrots. Your tummy is a slave to your grandmother or just a trash can where you dump the contents of her lavishly stocked refrigerator.

Ever recall those nights you could break curfew and stay up watching movies, munching on popcorn? The summer was just an excuse to sprint to Gram’s place and lie on inviting plush red couch. Plus, the academic year was always a traumatizing episode and Grandma’s head massage was the ultimate solution.

Honestly, it’s time we pamper them for change. Let us clasp that golden ticket and make this grandparents day a memorable event. Below is a list of activities that I have planned for tomorrow:

1. Buy freshly caught fish from the beach and make fish curry 

One of Granma’s fondest dishes is fish curry prepared from freshly caught fish sold at the shores of Marina beach. I nicked a smooth recipe from my mother in law and it works every time like a charm! Granma, brace yourself because the fish curry will be a blast of flavours, lingering in your mouth.

2. Play a game of monopoly with the grandparents 

Summer vacations at grans were incomplete without playing a game of monopoly. I was once a proud owner of the original editions of the nostalgic board game set and my grandparents would play until they fell asleep. So, I want to revisit that beautiful memory and aggravate grandma through the purchase of heavy rent paying properties. That immediately frazzles her patience and it is fun to watch!

3. Give Grandpa a head massage 

As a child, my baby brother had the habit of plucking my grandpa’s hair, in the name of giving him a massage. It was agonizing to watch him squirm and withstand the pain out of love for his grandson. I will breathe down my brother’s neck the entire day if I have to force him to give grandpa the head massage that he deserves. Maybe this time, with a bottle of Parachute Advansed coconut oil and get it right.

4. Order fried chicken and pizza from Pitstop

Even though Grandma’s Ninja cooking skills skyrocket through the roof, sometimes, she loves to order her favourite fried chicken and grandpa’s weakness – pizza from a restaurant called Pitstop. Despite their best efforts to place an order through a phone call, they always mess up something which awakens the Kraken in grandpa. So, the fried chicken and pizza are a given because I don’t want her to slave away in the kitchen.

5. Plan a movie night with Amazon Prime 

What’s a fam-jam without a movie night? The last step is to lure the whole family into the living area with large bowls of buttered popcorn and badam halwa. Even though Grandpa might end up snoring on the burgundy La-Z-Boy, it would still be a day worth reminiscing.

Granma old photo1

I have my docket of activities planned and ready to be set in motion for the big day, how about you? You know you can do the same, clear your schedule, plan a date, and #lovejatao to the oldest members of your family. Get to know their present fetishes and hang out with them, you never know what might surprise you.

I look forward to hear from you how would you celebrate Grandparents Day. Do share a selfie with your grandparents on Sept. 10, 2017 on Twitter or Facebook with #LoveJatao & tag @blogadda to win a goodie from Parachute Advansed.

This post is also a part of  #4 Tuesday’s Writings with the prompts: traumatized, witnessed, and disturbing.


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