#1 Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete’s

Writing prompts for this week are: Unalienable, Melancholy and Discreet

End it,
just end it all,
one quick swipe
across the puke green veins
let the blade do its work
melancholic red liquid, flushed
out of the miserable flesh
discreetly oozing
into the slimy drains,
end the unalienable existence,
and pathetic.

After wrapping up Three Word Wednesday last week, Sheilagh has initiated Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete’s. It is a rejuvenation of TWW of some sort and I couldn’t be happier to contribute to this week’s prompts. Hope TTT becomes a huge success in the writing community with those three words posted weekly.



2 thoughts on “#1 Tantalizing Tuesday Tete-Tete’s

    • Aaliya Thahseen says:

      Definitely just for the prompts, don’t you fret. It’s going on an awful lot these days and I wanted to write something about it. I know it sounds pro-suicide, but just for that one fleeting second, you cannot help but wonder.


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