The Twilight Saga – #atozchallenge


Well, I know what you are thinking, like, what is wrong with this female? But truth be told, twilight was my guilty pleasure and I am not ashamed to admit it. As much as it pains me to write about it, I feel like I have to.

Just like every other eighth grader, I was excited about the release of the twilight movies, when I was fresh out of reading the books. Then it sort of passed on to the entire school like a plague. Everyone had this stupid ‘claim’ thing on Edward or Jacob, and there would be ridiculously lame arguments between the vampires and the werewolves supporters. People flaunting their tabloid posters and pictures, everywhere (it feels so nauseating now).

Wild fantasies (which we assumed to be at that time) of either settling down with Edward or Jacob (again) would be rapidly discussed during the class breaks. I have vague memories of those silly paper games (like flames) , which was a phenomenon at that time (God, it kills to admit this). The idea of being a teenager forever was so convincingly enticing that it became mandatory to revel in the possibility, at least once every two-three days. For what it’s worth, I was loyal to the bloodsuckers as long as it lasted (thought you should know :P).

Bella Swan (and Kristen Stewart) was the perfect punching bag, the day wpuld never be or feel complete without doing her impression and making fun of her sheet-face acting. My friends loved it when I did it for them.

I had written a bazillion poems for that loser (Edward), some very intense and some obligatory (to prove my allegiance to team Edward). Damn, so lame!
Now, it feels like this was a zombie phase of my life, when I was simply infected by a stupid teenage obsession. It serves as a reminder though, never to be that foolish, ever again.



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