Melancholy – #atozchallenge/3WW

Today’s post combines the atozchallenge and 3WW in a single post. Here are the three words:

Melancholy, noun: a feeling of pensive sadness, typically with no obvious cause; adjective: having a feeling of melancholy; sad and pensive, causing or expressing sadness; depressing.

Nimble, quick and light in movement or action; agile, (of the mind) quick to comprehend.

Opaque, not able to be seen through; not transparent, (especially of language) hard or impossible to understand; unfathomable; noun: an opaque thing or substance.

Now, a quick 55 fiction based on the word melancholy (my very first, so go easy on me).

Muskaan looked at her childhood photograph, how happy she was, waddling with her siblings in the pool.

Her nimble mind skipped through the melancholic episodes of her wretched existence.
Her husband’s opaque nature and his unpredictable mood-swings reflected on her skin, decorating it with swollen streaks.

How she wished to have remained a child forever!


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