H is for Harry Potter – #atozchallenge

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I  think his name speaks volumes. Anyone from our generation would know what it was like to have had that amazing experience with the trio. I don’t believe that I can fully describe the incandescent journey we have all individually had with this amazing character.

Each of us shares many special moments and emotional connections with most of the characters that have come and gone in the books. Somehow, somewhere, they have all left a mark in our hearts. And that is what makes it magical, in reality.

We have all immersed ourselves in the magic of Harry Potter, felt the pain of the death of our beloved characters, suffered through many traumatic events and yet, we choose to relive them all over again. It happens every time you pick up any part of the Harry Potter books.

J.K.Rowling used the power of giving life to such characters and made them all so profoundly beautiful, I don’t think anyone does it better. Hail Harry Potter!

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