G is for Golgappas! – #atozchallenge

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Golgappas! The reigning street-food that is sold all over India knows no bounds. It is known by many other terms such as puchka, panipuri, pakodi, etc.

This mind-boggling snack is a burst of different flavors celebrating a mini holi in your mouth. It is a crispy outer barricade (puri) crammed with a soft filling made of spicy potatoes, peas, onions and coriander chutney, submersed in cool mint water (pani) or tangy tamarind and date chutney.

Golgappas brings back fond memories of my college phase (its just been two years though). I remember how I looked forward to nothing but the after-college street food rampage with my buddy Lubna. This is a golgappa  post, ladies and gentlemen!

You can check out the video of Sanjeev Kapoor’s recipe of this crazy snack :

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