#ShareTheLoad – It Starts At Home



Nishad Aunty is my mom’s bestie. She is a lovable human being and a fun person to hang out with, specifically, the one that doesn’t ask too many questions about my personal life. I have stayed over at her place numerous times along with my mom. They have had their fair share of sleepovers when we used to come down from Dubai for our summer vacations.

Inadvertently, I have observed the way she treated her kids. It is funny how she had pampered both her son and daughter to a point where neither of them lifts a finger. She is a constant machine, buzzing about the house getting chores done in a jiffy. The kids just take undue advantage of her active nature, but it’s all on her. She is to be blamed for not splitting the responsibilities amongst them.

I would say that her daughter is the laziest. Even the paste on her brush needs to be present before she wakes up for school. Now, that is a tad bit too much! Here we are, talking about gender equality and this girl (who is now a fully grown woman and yet pesters her mother like a parasite) takes the cake for being a slothful monster.

Now, they are adults and the cawing never ceases at their place when the daughter flies in from Dubai (for a solid half year) and gets her mom to do EVERYTHING for her, right from her son’s diapers to the numerous breakfasts the kid discards because he is picky as hell. The son is equally competitive, he will shriek when he does not find clean innerwear before he trots off to work with a three-layered, home-packed meal.  There is a line between doing things out of love for one’s children and seizing the reins of a woman’s brain!


So far, we haven’t even come to the crazy part. The husband is the fascinating creature of all. Even though he walks by the kitchen and encounters a tea pan brimming with milk on the gas stove (Mind you, about to freaking spill all over the cook-top), he coolly beckons his wife to turn off the gas! I mean, what is wrong with this man?

You can envision how his skills to do chores can be after the incident I just narrated to you. Honestly, after experiencing these events, I thank God because my dad willingly helps my mom with the household chores (like bathroom cleaning, fan dusting, taking out the trash, etc.). Sometimes, he even cooks when my mom falls ill instead of ordering take-out. (He makes the best Malabar Parathas!)

The whole idea of the #ShareTheLoad campaign is to promote gender equality and I thought it best to bring up this story, of a woman whom I love, admire and respect. Though she bends to the whims of her family, her love blinds the possibility of establishing a code of sharing the workload within the family. The kids, even after becoming grown-ups, think it is okay to squawk their mother’s name for practically everything. Because the daughter obviously faces the same issue at her place, this family accepts that it is the duty of the mother to look after everyone, putting aside her desires and dreams.

We, the generation of today, must preach the message of equality to our children, be it a daughter or a son. We have to make them realize that it is a responsibility to uphold for many more years to come. This may be the foundation to their future life, not being hazed by a primitive thought such as a woman is to be burdened with the house-hold chores and the satisfaction of the family.

 “I am joining the Ariel #ShareTheLoad campaign at BlogAdda and blogging about the prejudice related to household chores being passed on to the next generation.


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