My 3 favourite words and why! (#15 W.O.W)

“He liked the mere act of reading, the magic of turning scratches on a page into words inside his head.”
― John Green

The fascinating thing about words is that they can make you feel things that do not necessarily have to be the meaning of the word itself. That is the magic isn’t it, sometimes, you won’t even realise what you have written on the paper until you see how they are a perfect fit. It is a spark of revelation lighting up your brain like a Christmas tree. The impact it creates, exploding like a thousand volcanoes, constructing themselves into a senseless yet meaningful poem.

Sometimes, when you repetitively say a word over and over in your head, you forget the meaning of the word and you start to doubt the actual pronunciation of it. You might keep fumbling over it by pronouncing the word in different ways. Is it just me or does it happen to a lot of people?
A friend of mine is obsessed with the way “words are married to one another”, she says they sound like beautiful bard even though she could very well achieve it one paper. The trick is to get it right when you say the words out loud and write them down as well. That is the beauty of words, really, use them right and people stare at you in awe, but mess up one and it stirs up a giggle.

So, I am going to tell you three stories in relation to the three words that have influenced my life and how I feel about them.


When I was in the ninth grade, I was forced into a public speaking competition. It was the “Just a Minute (JAM)” speech competition, where you have to improvise a speech in just under a minute as stated earlier. It was the first time I had to face a huge audience and like every other participant; I was having one of those ‘stage fright’ moments. The topic given to me was ‘What would you do if you were the President of India for a day’. My entire body froze, my hands were clammy and my eyes fogged up. I couldn’t move, I couldn’t think or breathe. Humiliation was the word that cluttered my head, and boy, did I feel it surging through my veins multiplied into infinity.

My love for the word grew after that debacle; it reminded me where I had started from. It reminds me of my failure so that I could go forth and overcome my fear of public speaking. It reminds me that I am human and it is okay to lose.


I might have come across this word a million times in many books. But, the laziness got to me when I wanted to search for the meaning of the word. When it really left a mark though, oh yeah, it was when I watched that god-awful Bollywood remake of Pride and Prejudice. They named it Bride and Prejudice, seriously? Obviously, I have admitted that I had a moment of weakness by watching this ludicrous movie. That is the beauty of this memory though. How one of Aishwarya’s stupid dialogues led me to look up the meaning of this word. It branded this word into my brain forever thanks to those losers.
My only saving grace in all of this embarrassing confession is that I didn’t pay attention to their nonsense and was benefitted from a literary lesson. Yay!


Do you ever have one of those moments where you just go back to a show that you had discontinued previously because you have already caught up with your top prioritized ones?

Yeah, in my case, it was Castle. I had paused at season five and I couldn’t move forth because of Beckett and Castle’s sugar rush romance. I needed a timeout.


I am all caught up now and I came across a scene where they play scrabble. Beckett scores a hundred and fifty points using all the bonuses with the word quixotic. That is kind of stuck in my head and I love the word.

And that, my friends, was how they became my favourite words.


This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.


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