Drool away, mommy is here

Providing protection and parenting are synonymous or should I say symbiotic? It is forged as a bond, a sworn oath you will never break until you draw your last breath. The skin of a baby is so fragile and satiny that it needs to be warded against, well, a lot of things. I might be exaggerating their skin is really susceptible to things you might have not even heard of. Or it might just be the everyday stuff that our evolved bodies can cope with but not their tiny ones.

It is imperative to keep track of the phase your baby is in, in order to provide the required protection. The phases indicates the essentials and believe me, they are not going be subtle about it. I make lists for anything and everything, and when it comes to my baby, I freak out making more lists and they might also have sub-lists. I am sure all you new momma bears face the same situation, especially when it concerns your little munchkin, you don’t want to venture into unknown territories without being armed, be it information or supplies.

There are a bunch of things that’s swimming in my head and I am going to write down things that I personally prefer to do to keep my precious little chubby-tubby’s skin safe.

1.Breast-milk & Breast-feeding

 Breast milk and breast-feeding resemble a sword and a shield. They go hand in hand to protect your baby. It is nature’s predominant gift that is a one stop solution to everything. The doctors and midwives have always advised us to breast-feed for as long as possible. You can always breast-feed your baby when she is violently crying or sensing a tummy ache. It is also wise to rub the breast-milk on the dry parts of your baby’s face, it is a natural moisturizer. Breast-feeding makes your baby aware of being guarded, loved and cherished, especially new-borns sense this, the moment they are fondled to the bosom, they know that they are safe and secure, it is a defense mechanism.











2. Rapeseed Baby Oil

It is the god of all moisturizers. Honestly, nothing makes the skin softer than a good old full body massage. My baby loves it when I massage her with rapeseed baby oil from her head to toe, I think she secretly likes the fact that I am dead keen on pleasing her and she rewards me with her toothless grins. There is a little trick I learnt from a pediatrician that I would like to share with you guys. If you think that your baby is suffering from a stomach ache, you could always rub the oil mimicking the direction of a rainbow, first from your left to right for about six times, then gently lift up her legs until her knees come in contact with the tummy area for about a few seconds. Repeat the same from your right to left side for six times again. They are called the sun and moon positions and to be patient for this trick to work.


3.Moisturizing lotions and Nappy rash creams

They play a very important role in keeping the baby’s skin from exacerbating because of their vulnerability. Keep in mind that you always use nappy rash creams over the genital area before wrapping your baby in a diaper or a cloth diaper as some people prefer to do so. But if you do emphasize on using a cloth diaper, make sure you choose the cotton material for its softness. It prevents nasty rashes and reddening which might cause skin irritation and make her cry her eyes out. Ensure that you change her diapers every 4-5 hours to avoid getting her skin wet, which might cause severe infections. You will find her to relax and giggle as you do so because nothing speaks volumes like a nice clean diaper! During winter, it is crucial to not allow her skin to dry out as it might get cracked and cause a burning sensation. Lotions are your answer. Apply them on your baby’s skin unceasingly, for guarding that tender barrier.











4.Warm Baths

New-borns may only need a bath twice or thrice a week because of their delicate skin. Don’t push them into a tub every day for some babies might not adapt to the texture of water as fast as you want them to. But once they become a few months old, you will find them to love baths as they waddle their way to having a ball. Always check the temperature of the water and keep it from 36 degrees to 38 degrees in Celsius while you give them a bath. You can ensure the heat by dipping your elbow into the tub. Sponge baths are also a joyous adventure for the little ones as you don’t have to trouble them by moving them too much.


5.Soft toys and Pillow forts

Nothing is forbidden when you want to keep your little sunshine safe, like surrounding her in a bed of soft toys. It is harmless against the skin as it cannot hurt them even if it falls on them from a certain height. It is clean and BPA free too. Teethers are advisable once the baby is over three months old and make sure you select the flexible ones, they love those kind. Always buy age appropriate toys for your baby, or keep away your older child’s toys away from them, as they tend to grab things and the first place it goes into is evidently the mouth!

Pillow forts are a fun way to keep your baby from turning around and knocking stuff out, at least until they are 4-5 months old. But keep the level of the fort to about two pillows, because they might not know how to push them away in case it falls over them which is suffocating. Always keep an eye on her if she is perched on the bed despite the pillow fort.


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