#8 Poetry 101 Rehab : Missing

A few months passed
I lost my sleep,
I could not get words
Onto paper,
I could not write anymore
Or was it just in my head?
I could not feel
The words in my brain,
A part of me was missing,
The writer in me,
Was missing…

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab’s prompt is : Missing. I haven’t written anything in the past month and my brain feels so naked right now. I had to push myself over the edge to come up with something and I was determined to get something on my blog. I have hid under the covers too long. But I had my reasons, or should I say reason! With my six-month-old on the loose, I had to find time between changing diapers and feeding her. Hope you guys don’t find me to be a lost case.


This post is a part of Mara Eastern’s (Now hosted by Andy Townend) Poetry 101 Rehab.

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