The mom appreciation post

Okay, I know the title sounds awfully cheesy, but you can’t blame me for branding this post that way. I am not going to start this post with the clichéd lines that people use to praise their mother, so I am just going to cut to the chase and get it over with. This has a rant element in it as well, then again, which post doesn’t!

It has been four days since my mom left me home alone with my baby girl – Safreen. Fine, she has a family of her own and she had to go back to India and resume her life. I am just in denial, don’t mind me. This post was due on the day she left but can you get things done the way you want when you have a three-month old in the house, hell no. I was so paranoid that I even downloaded the count-down app on that very day. In case you are wondering why I did that, I will now proclaim that I am supposed to be leaving in a fortnight. Go ahead and roll those judgey little eyes at me.

Let me tell you what really kills, the fact that Safreen looks about for her Naani (maternal grandmother). It was gut wrenching, mates, it kind of emotionally destabilized me. I might have a wept a little (YES, LIKE A LOT OR SHOULD I SAY LIKE A FREAKING BABY). You can miss your mom for a lot of reasons, and this just happens to be the primal one. But it does not mean that I miss her because of that reason alone, okay, now I am just justifying myself.

ugly crying

It never hits you until they are gone and it rips you, not a pretty image, I can guarantee that. I look at the front door, waiting for her to barge through with the groceries (yes, she didn’t even let me do that, that sweet selfless woman!).

But I am happy because we did not fight a lot when she was here with me, which felt good because she is quite the sensitive type. Insha’Allah, I should be joining her soon, in India and get pampered like crazy again. You would want to be treated the same way if your mom stayed with you for five months postpartum and then had to leave you behind because your child had visa issues (Yes, I hate my life right now).

I think that just about sums up my ramblings about being left alone with a baby FOR THE FIRST FREAKING TIME IN MY LIFE. Yeah, I am totally okay with that (hells to the no).

4 thoughts on “The mom appreciation post

  1. huckleberryfrienduniverse says:

    That was a very sweet post (and not at all as cheesy as I was expecting! :D). You never know how much it’s going to suck being without mom until you’re actually without mom. And I love how much you’re in love with Supernatural.


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