#6 Poetry 101 Rehab : Partition

Just a fortnight

I keep chanting

To myself,

Soon, I shall reunite

With my incredibly sweet mother,

That amazing woman!

The geographical partition

Terrorizes me and

I cannot cope,

Responsibility is creeping

Into every chore I do

And every decision I make,

Tears glazing over

And hands trembling,

All I can do is choke,

I am that child again

Who got lost at the supermarket!

This week’s prompt is Partition and my take is clearly focused on a “tomorrow is better day” sort of mantra. As I have written in previous post on this blog, my mom left Sweden about four days ago and I wanted this poem to be a follow up to that. It is most definitely a confession type of poem, hope you enjoy reading it. Feel free to pop in and leave your comments.


   This post is a part of Mara Eastern’s (Hosted by Andy Townend) Poetry 101 Rehab.

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