#3 Poetry 101 Rehab : Day



Is the day

When they take me

To the hospital,

The day they will

Induce me with pain,

But will tomorrow,

Be that day?

The day I get to hold

My precious baby,

The day I get to

Hold her tiny hands

And toes,

The day I embrace

Her fragile little body,

Is tomorrow

That day?

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt is Day and I could not help but write a poem about my impending delivery which is scheduled to take place tomorrow. Though it is not going to be the way I imagined it to be, I am a little relieved and worried at the same time. This poem may not be much but it is quite special because I am about to bring a special person into this world. It symbolizes hope, anticipation, fear and love. What if tomorrow is the day? I am getting goosebumps already! Hope you guys enjoy this one.


This post is a part of Poetry 101 Rehab (Mara Eastern).


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