#2 Poetry 101 Rehab: NO

‘NO!’ She screamed
As her head bled
Her feet drooped
And she thudded to the ground,

A carmine pool
Fluxing toward the earth
Dampening it lavishly
And mercilessly,

‘No! Please let me go!’
She prayed, hands raised
For compassion
But received none,

They shoved her
Into an inscrutable pit
A place where the old palace
Rots and simmers in the sun,

‘No’, she whispered
As the mud mingled
With her breath
Silencing her forever.

This week’s Poetry 101 Rehab prompt is NO and my poem is about a murder of an imaginary woman at an abandoned palace. I was randomly scribbling notes for a short story but decided to turn the scene into a poem instead. Hope you guys like it.


This post is a part of Poetry 101 Rehab (Mara Eastern).

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