The big move (#13 W.O.W)

She stood at the entrance of the unlit room, blood pumped through her rattled veins as the darkness engulfed her as its own. Her sweaty hands groping for the light switches as her heart thumped ridiculously in her chest.

Life surged into her as the room became ablaze with the few lamps that adorned the side-wall, she was not supposed to be there, especially not at this untimely hour.

She delved her hand into one of her deepest pockets and fished out a pen-drive device, sweat beads began decorating her forehead, what she was about to do could change the course of her future and the company’s too.

But she convinced herself that everyone makes rabid decisions when one’s career is at stake, this was her last shot at rising from the ashes and she wasn’t about chicken out in the last minute.

Meticulously, she plugged the device into Coulson’s Macbook, hacking into his computer was child’s play, his password turned out to be romylovescoulson after three obvious attempts! She couldn’t help but giggle when she scooted into the system and copied the files from the folder – Fury’s Cube.

write-over-the-weekend-blogadda   Lillie McFerrin Writes

This post is a part of Write Over the Weekend, an initiative for Indian Bloggers by BlogAdda.

This post is also for Three Word Wednesday & Five Sentence Fiction (Lillie McFerrin)


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