Pledge to #ShareTheLoad – #WashBucketChallenge

After making it into the top 15 in the #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob, I was inspired to write for the second phase as well. BlogAdda has launched this awesome initiative in collaboration with Ariel to promote gender equality, sparking that little fire in men to #ShareTheLoad and take up the #WashBucketChallenge.

I clicked on the register button without hesitating even a little bit because I knew that my brother was going to get stoked when I hand him the Ariel Matic packet. Usually, he gets to rip open the package before I even get to it, but luckily, I was home when it came along and I hid it to surprise him the next day.

Since my mother is out-of-town for almost a month both my dad and brother are like fish out of water without her. My dad is equipped with a meager knowledge of cooking skills and barely survives a day without the aroma of her perfectly cooked food. And now my brother has taken up charge in the laundry department, running up to the terrace every night to collect his washed uniform. He has learned to compartmentalize his clothes on the sofa the night before he goes to school.

I handed the packet to him this morning and grinned hopelessly. After all, I was going to take pictures of him doing the laundry and I could not contain my enthusiasm.

“Today is your lucky day, bro. You are going to be the star of my #WashBucketChallenge post!”

He simply frowned at me and snatched it from my hands. But I knew that he was thrilled to use the powder as we love getting stuff from BlogAdda. He shoved me aside with the laundry basket and said, “Now if you will excuse me, I have some real work to do.”


He dumped the clothes in the top loading washing machine and sprinkled the Ariel Matic powder into the detergent slot. I clicked a few pictures as he meticulously did the laundry like a ritual, much to his infuriation. But I know him better than that. He was enjoying all the attention he was getting. He even posed for a few snaps.




 I made him smell his school shirt after taking it out of the washing machine just to add that extra effect, but mostly because I was having a lot of fun making him do the work.


I knew that mom would be proud of me after reading this post! And that was how my brother took up Ariel’s #WashBucketChallenge to #ShareTheLoad.

I nominate the following bloggers to take up the #WashBucketChallenge :

Pooja Sathyanarayanan

Fahima Mohideen

Swati Shenoy


Proactive Indian


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