What makes me happy!

Life is full of surprises, but we don’t give it enough time or thought. We don’t have the patience to stop by and smell the flowers. On a constant race to please others and what they might think about us, we forget to live our life for ourselves. We forget that we need to please ourselves first. What happened to that time when grandmother’s samosas would be cracking in the frying pan and our hungry tummies would hum along with it? What happened to that moment when we would munch on those regal green mangoes after dipping them in a mixture of salt and chilli powder?

No one knows what is in store for us in the future and we miss out on living our lives to the fullest. We miss out on living in the moment. It does not necessarily have to be a surging amount of joy that might drown you in it. A little thing that might make you reminisce about the good old days, when you can travel back to your childhood in a fraction of a second and grin like an idiot.

Remember that time when you blushed when your crush might have caught you staring at him, or when you daydreamed about him for hours together and still never got tired of it. It all seems like a stupid dream now, but it still brings a smile to your face when you think about it.

Try not to forget what you are passionate about. Try not to forget what makes you smile most. I still love the thrill of facing the gaze of hundreds of people upon me when I am on the stage and about to deliver a speech. It reminds me of who I am and what I do best, and that makes me happy. It makes me brave because even though my nerves freeze up a little bit and my palms might get twitchy, I know that I love public speaking.

A similar feeling occurs when I erratically scratch onto a paper and a poem just magically falls into place. I love how it constructs itself robotically as I play along with the words. That is a simple joy amidst of all the crap that I might be going through at that moment, mostly when I have an assignment due the next day.

But today we forget all those small things that brought a smile to our faces. We forget what actually made us happy because we give importance to things that might not even be of actual relevance. Go down the memory lane and recollect that moment when you actually smiled, it is never too late. We fail to do that the most as we strive to make a better future for ourselves. Be happy now, so that you can travel to a better tomorrow.




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