Toss That Dirty Pile! – #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob

Has your blood ever boiled when you look at that mounting pile of clothes that needs to be laundered? Has your brain screamed at you that it can’t take it no more? If you are the one who sulks their shoulders and gives in to the monstrosity that is spread out in front of you, well then, welcome to the You-Got-To-Do-The-Laundry-Yourself club!

It is tiresome to just look at the basket that needs tending. We are the lucky ones who get a washing machine and a drier to take care of the stinky lot, think about the good old days when our mothers used to hand-wash all that filthy laundry! I am already getting the jitters.

I remember the time when I used to live with my parents. How carefree and fun it used to be. My mother as a full-time home-maker and she took care of everything and everyone. The ultimate sacrifice I call it now, but I did not realize it then. Somehow we tend to mentally brand our mothers are working machines who are obliged to do the house-hold chores. Even though I helped around a little bit, I always made excuses and wiggled out of doing a chore.

Whenever she would assign a task to me, it would feel so burdensome. Her complaints rang all over the house that she never gets a helping hand and I get all guilt-ridden and wish I had helped out more. But it is too late by the time it hits me. There would be no words to console her at that point. My father would join in on the orchestra and begin to mock my laziness. But I have always wondered – would it kill him to do a few chores himself? Not that he does not help with the weight-lifting and everything, but sometimes (or almost all the time) he loves to slug around and just watch T.V. falling into that proportion of Indian men who prefer relaxing than help with the house-hold chores.

I mean I am talking about someone who cannot operate the ruddy machine without my mom’s help, despite being educated or whatever. It is actually funny to watch him try to just put the machine in the spin mode. He gets all worked up and starts to hunt down the manual, tearing the whole place down in the process and giving my mom a miniature heart-attack. And there, he just scored himself a spot in the lot of that 77% of men who depend on the women for doing the laundry.

I don’t blame my dad though, he was brought up that way all pampered and spoilt. My grandmother probably never allowed him to do his own chores, never giving him the opportunity to take care of himself. It would have changed a lot of things now if she had done so. They stuck to the ‘this-is-not-a-man’s-job’ code. This gave birth to my dad’s attitude landing him in that 76% of men who believe that laundry is a woman’s job!

What truly aggravates me is when women get blamed for having misplaced a stupid sock! No matter how hard you try to pair up those rascals, one of them just seems to go on a hike. I would advice the men to stop taunting women about the responsibility crap if they cannot help around with the laundry in the first place. I really cannot digest their audacity when it comes to that situation, nothing is more bothersome.


Laundry should not be branded as a woman’s chore because it is not just the clothes we are talking about. The big picture includes curtains, sofa-covers, table-cloths, napkins, carpets, washable shoes, certain types of bags and the list is endless. The women diligently mark certain days in their calendars to wash the above-mentioned stuff in a systematic manner and no one but they seem to be equipped with that sort of talent. It is truly shocking.  Wouldn’t it be awesome if we got the family to pitch in their support to do this prosaic task? Extra pair of arms is always advantageous, don’t you think!

I am writing for #IsLaundryOnlyAWomansJob activity at in association with Ariel.

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