You Are Worthy And You Know It – #UseYourAnd

I have made some incredibly foolish decisions in my life. There are so many that it has become countless. No doubt that it will continue in the future as well, but I would like to point out one such decision that changed my life.

Competing for the post of Literary and Debating Secretary in the Students’ Council (Year: 2013-2014) was a rash and stupid decision. It can be compared to deliberately burning oneself alive. Despite my seniors warning me about what is at stake and everything, I just went on the jolly ride. And let me tell you, it was not as “jolly” as I thought it would be. But I would like to give credit to one person who made it out alive with me, and that is Lubna, who was the General Secretary then.

It was a difficult time in my life when I was juggling both college and my marriage. Especially during the second year of my college, I was determined to go out there and “find myself”. Though I could feel the weight of the mounting tags – Student, Wife and Daughter-in-law, I just wanted to wiggle out to feel normal, bunking classes and being reckless. In addition to all those tags, I had brought on the Students’ Council business upon myself, knowing all too well that it is going to be a living hell.

Thinking about those days gives me the jitters, because I know the things that I have sacrificed and the things that I had done to please everyone. It was unwise and imprudent, but I had to try. I would never be able to forgive myself if I hadn’t put myself through that implausible journey. Today, I can proudly say that I managed to do justice to all those roles, not up to anyone’s satisfaction, but to mine. I am glad that I made all the heedless choices and ended up here, feeling satiated.

I chose, not wisely but to my own accord. It is that feeling of self-gratification, when you want to thank no one but yourself, when you know that whatever you did is because of what you decided to become regardless of what people say. Prove to yourself that you are worthy, because your opinion about yourself matters the most.

Theme : Journey from ‘OR’ to ‘AND’ – Your story of how you took charge of life and made a choice, not a compromise. When you refused to choose one thing OR the other, and instead followed your heart. Tell us your story or an inspirational story of a woman you know that defines #UseYourAnd. You can also tag a woman blogger in your blog post who exemplifies #UseYourAnd, because we would love it if all of these stories came out into the world for all to see.

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