Secrets & Lies

Lying comes to all of us, inherently. It is not like we practice the art of lying, but it is a trait that we pick up along the way in our lives. It is like a defensive weapon that we sometimes wield in front of our parents, relatives or even our best friends.

Secrets and lies go hand in hand and keeping a cousin sister’s secret is like a blood oath that you take upon yourself. They maybe a cousin, but if you don’t have a sister of your own, they naturally fall into that category. The alliance you form with them is valued to be very precious and the feeling will be unequivocally mutual. One such secret did cost us a lot and that we had to lie to defend it from our own kin.

As you all know, getting into a relationship is a big deal for girls, especially when we are teenagers. The rush is just too much to comprehend and we end up confiding to our best friends or better yet, our cousins. (They are pretty much considered to be best friends!) At the age of fifteen, my beloved cousin Fareeha sprinted into a relationship which was very appealing to her at that time. Little did she know that the dude was a possessive and psychotic nutcase! I had just flown down for a vacation and like always, my brother and I spent it at my grandmother’s. She was budding with the news and as soon as everyone went to bed, we hastened to our special spot on the terrace.

Armed with sweltering mugs of coffee, we started our prized conversation. I was not prepared for the news and spilt out coffee, almost choking on it. She was mooning over him until dawn and honestly, I just wanted a good night’s sleep by the end of it. Her elation was infectious and I joined in too, teasing her and the boyfriend as well. I am not going to lie though; it was amusing for a while. But things escalated quickly and soon the relationship swung from eternal bliss in paradise to a Doom’s Day parade. His possessive nature was getting on her nerves and she was not “accommodating” enough (According to that deranged crackpot).

We had to lie over and over again to her parents as well as mine, to get her to meet him, while I acted as her guardian. Though we swore not to tell anyone, the situation had become quite intense and inescapable. He turned from boyfriend to psycho-stalker, posing problems to her and wherever she went. It was getting out of hand and nightmarish too. And then I had to make a decision, whether to rid ourselves of this monster or to suffer under his wrath till the end of my “alleged” peaceful vacation.

I confessed everything to my Chachu (My dad’s younger brother), staking my relationship with my cousin because she wanted to handle things her way and she was failing miserably too. Let’s just say that my chachu “handled” everything and the guy was nowhere to be seen around us after that episode. Fareeha was furious and didn’t talk to me until my vacation ended. I knew it was not going to be a pretty sight, but I contended myself over the fact that I saved her ungrateful butt! Who knows what that stalker was capable of?!

Well, that’s my story and I take pride in telling the truth at that right time, for it saved both me and my cousin from a terrible fate. I know that it sounds exaggerated, but stalkers too turn into rapists when pushed onto the edge to prove a point. (Just saying!)

This post is a part of Indi-Happy Hours Kitna chain hota hai na sachchai mein contest in association with Kinley.


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