Into the Woods – #RiseAboveFear

Fear is omnipresent. Fear is inevitable. And there is nothing to be ashamed about admitting one’s fear. It defines a part of who we are. We all have our fair share of fears and my list is pretty extensive.

My honeymoon trip was pretty exciting and my husband had planned for us to go to Kerala. It was quite exotic and as you all know that it is thickly populated with forests, no doubt about that. We had traveled along with my sister-in-law and her husband. The more the merrier, right? We had planned out our trip and narrowed down to visiting three places in ‘God’s own country’. Our agenda included that we start from Munnar, onto Thekkady and then the last stop would be Alleppy. Munnar was a harmless hill-station where we just went onto visit the famous tea-estates and mountain peaks. But the real crazy streak began in Thekkady.

The resort where we had checked into was in the middle of a freaking forest! If that was not creepy enough, wait till you hear the rest of it. The nights were the scariest when we could literally hear the hooting of the owls and the howling of the wolves, or was it just my imagination? I don’t know because I was scared to death and hid under the blankets holding in my pee. If that portion was not scary enough, we had bizarre insects invading the balcony and I don’t do well with them either, they frighten the hell out of me.

My beloved husband took me on a forest trekking adventure the next day and it was meant to be a surprise! My sister-in-law and I were entirely unprepared for the trek. I didn’t even have my trekking shoes, for crying out loud! I was clad in my Christian Louboutin peep-toe boots. Yeah, I used that as an excuse because the forest had already freaked me out until it had driven me crazy. My sis-in-law was running half-way back to the spot where we had started from and her husband ran out to catch her.

We were compromised and dragged into the forest. The trekking guide had provided me with a pair of protective stockings that had HOLES IN IT. I mean the whole point of it being ‘protective’ was the fact that it covered your damned leg. And he sprayed some extra salt on my legs to calm me down because I had started hyperventilating. He had just warned me about the slimy leeches that would proudly suck on your legs if you don’t pay attention. And also if we were to be attacked by an enraged wild elephant, we should simply stand still and quietly get out of it’s way.

My face turned pastel and suddenly I could not breathe. But I knew that I had to go on, because there was no turning back after that point. That was the moment I decided to face my fears. Not that I had over-come them unreservedly but a part of myself the felt unwavering to get through the ruckus. I braved through the smarmy leeches (totally screaming, but hey, I made it!) and other sluggish insects as well. Thankfully, there were no infuriated elephants along the way. I proudly passed by the sly foxes as well.

I consider this little incident a victory. I credit myself for this remarkable feat. Even though my Christian Louboutins were destroyed in that trekking adventure, I had overcome my fear of insects and wild animals. And that, ladies and gentlemen is how I rose above fear, through that daring little venture.




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