‘Cleaner India’ – Not a dream anymore!

fter planning to go on a shopping trip to a place called ‘T-Nagarshopping street in Chennai with my girlfriends, I truly regretted the decision. Not that I am not used to the whole unclean situation, living in India, we tend to adapt ourselves to the environment and ignore the nasty odor that follows us everywhere. I MEAN EVERYWHERE WE GO. How many of us throw the trash after finding a dust bin in the premises? The fact that you won’t find one is more likely. I suggest that we drop it in our pockets or handbags and later on trash it when we find one. Isn’t that a simpler solution than adding the extra chips packet or juice carton to the already mounting pile in the street corner!

You can see ample amount of overflowing trash cans with no one to attend to it throughout the day. The trash collectors with the huge trash trucks arrive only early in the morning or after midnight to avoid the traffic. It is not that we can blame them as they do their jobs. But an argument can be made for extra garbage bins to be placed on every street, catering to the needs of the rising population.

The debate for a cleaner India has been going on for ages and we do it all the time, in inter-collegiate competitions or just when a bunch of friends hang out with one another. There is always this one guy who extinguishes the fire by saying that we can’t do anything about it or India is NEVER going to change. Though, you can’t really blame the guy for ending the ‘mundane’ conversation. It does bore you after a while but that really passionate guy gets put off for his excellent comebacks!

Recently, the people who live on our street started to throw their trash bags right in front of our house, as there is an abandoned old office and no one uses it anymore. Some ignorant dunderheads threw their garbage wrapped in polythene bags from their third floor windows! Can you imagine the repercussion of such an instance? Well, I’ll tell you what happened. The street cats and dogs had a magnificent feast laid out for them to rip apart and have some party fun. The cows didn’t stand back either and delved right in, not forgetting the midnight visits of various rodents and insects.

My husband freaked out and registered a complaint on the Public Grievance and Redressal System under the Corporation of Chennai Portal. He even requested for extra garbage bins within the street and distributed posters to avoid the cluttering of the waste bags in the street corners. To my surprise, the authorities showed up and they installed two extra bins within the street and the malicious neighbors were even fined! There is hope left for a cleaner India after all! All we have to do is abide by the rules and take the first step in making it a better place to live.

The National level campaign Swachh Bharat or Swachh Bharat Abhiyan launched by Prime Minister Narendra Modi aims at doing exactly that, all we got to do is join hands and materialize that dream! The #AbMontuBolega campaign commenced by Strepsils targets at invoking the spirits of the people of India, directing them towards raising their voice and making a difference in our country. If we believe in eliminating ‘all that is dirty in our country’, we can do so by uniting our voice as ONE. Let us start ignoring the rebellious desire to break the rules and stop littering our land of opportunities.

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This post is a part of the IndiBlogger Happy Hours activity, in association with Strepsils’ #AbMontuBolega. Check out their page for more details and follow Strepsils on Facebook and Twitter

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