Not a fan of the ‘5 o’ Clock Shadow’ (#WillYouShave)

Stubble portrays the ‘devil-may-care’ attitude, sending a strong message to the beholder’s eye. What we see, may often project a deceptive connotation but we have our own judgemental thoughts roaring through our brains because what we perceive matters at the end of the day, whether the dude is a Mr. Goody-Two-Shoes or a freaking rock-star who doesn’t give a damn to shaving in the morning.

We notice men every day in our daily lives, and trust me when I say this; a clean-shaven man does not look like the one who got his heart broken on a sprightly Monday morning. It simply means that we have the opportunity to judge a man’s character by simply glancing at his face as we don’t have the time or luxury of getting to know him better. A glimpse of someone is enough to form a coherent opinion in your head and no matter what happens you stick to it to the very end. That is obviously in case of not being provided a chance to get to know him in the future. Doesn’t it happen when you take a train and the person sitting next to you looks like he might drop out of his seat any minute because of his shabby demeanor?

Stubbles are like thorns decorating a man’s face, sending a negative message to anyone around him. The vibes from him are usually are that of a hangover or that he is a failure at having a stable love-life. It is when that impression grows stronger and bolder, not benefiting him in any way. If he shows up at work looking all ‘thorny- faced’ with an aura of unprofessionalism, I think his secretary would wish him ‘good-morning’ with a wayward heart! Why do you think the girlfriends and wives nudge their boyfriends or husbands to SHAVE before the ‘meeting-the-parents’ ritual?

Theme :

  • An instance when a stubble came in the way of a man’s chance to make a good impression.

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