Platter to Heaven – #MyBeautifulFood

I had cooked dinner about two hours before my husband returned home from work. But I knew that he would wolf down anything hot and spicy that I place on the dining table. One thing that aggravates me about him is that he demands that the food be hot, I know I sound lame, who doesn’t love hot food right? He gets on my nerves though. So the clock dinged 9 pm and all that I was well aware that he would be home by any minute.

‘Damn you hot food hogger’, I said to myself and fished out the Borosil’s Easy Grip Round Casserole from my kitchen cabinet where I stock all of my beautifully untainted utensils.
I popped it into the microwave and let my tummy turning dish heat up like Johnny Storm (The Human Torch – Fantastic Four).

‘You like it hot but I like it not’, I thought to myself as the microwave cried out for the food to be taken out. I crowned my hands with oven mitts and went on to fetch my baby. The Paratha Noodles I cooked up looked tantalizing and ready to dunk into my husband’s stomach.

I placed the casserole on the table along with two of Borosil’s Melamine Dinnerware plates. Soon it was clattered with colours that invited my eyes. The base starts off with crispy yet soft parathas, sizzling with gleaming butter. The whiff of the flavours of sautéed onions and garlic wafted towards my eager nose. I could not wait to tear and gobble up the heavenly piece of awesomeness. The pieces of tender chicken amalgamated with fried and shredded eggs blazed with spicy tomato and soya sauce under the dining room lights.
I pitied my husband’s condition though. The look on his face when he sets his eyes on the casserole would be priceless.


(This is a part of the #MyBeautifulFood contest by IndiBlogger and Borosil :


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