Tribute to the Dark Knight – (#MyRoleModel Activity2)



The caped crusader who watched over Gotham won my heart at a very tender age. Yeah, you got him, I am talking about Batty (BATMAN), I used to call him when I was little and I still do that because he was my precious (Insert Gollum’s Voice). I loved him more than Superman, whom I believed to be highly overrated. Although I did fancy a T.V Show called Small Ville based on the very same super-hero when I was a stupid love-sick teenager, but only because of the romantic track and nothing more.



Getting back to the Batty track, he was much more than a Dark Knight. You should not be surprised though, right? I bet this guy was a role model to a lot of kids back in the good old days. He astounded me in a way I couldn’t possibly even imagine. I often think about how much he influences my life. There is something about his gadgets, well, who am I kidding, and I am a sucker for them, right from his Bat-darts to his Bat-Mobile, rick in black from head to toe like the man himself. His sole-authority in protecting the city all on his own (before he decided to take in Robin and Batgirl) bewitched me. Okay, maybe most of the vigilantes that we have read about have that inclination to walk around in ultra-cool suits and stare the city lights whilst seated over a gargoyle.

ImageThe allegiance towards his self-proclaimed duty which arose out of a personal vendetta, I don’t blame him though. Everyone needs a catalyst to set a reaction in motion, his parents’ death proved to be his reason to avenge them. But he was a man of many shades, throwing his life on the line to protect even the unknown.

He has no God-given super powers. He invented them and created his own signature weapons. He embraced martial arts like an old friend and trained under the very mysterious Ra’s al ghul. He used the bat as his symbol even though it was his worst nightmare. He turned it into his greatest strength. It is like he is marked by courage itself. I think that is cool because I would never be able to do something like that, and I respect him immensely (I don’t care if you say that he is fictional). Don’t we all learn something from the books’ characters what we read about in our daily lives?


The insouciant double life he leads Bruce Wayne by day and Batman by night. As exhausting as that sounds, even he can’t be perfect sometimes, and I LOVE that about him. A man is defined by his very many flaws as much as his exquisiteness. The irony of him mocking his alter-ego is just too adorable. Did I mention that he is a total hottie?! Okay maybe that is unprecedented. Unequivocally, he pulls it all off with his partner in crime, Alfred the Butler. Don’t get me started on that guy’s loyalty and allegiance towards Bruce, I could go on and on about him too. Talk about awesome companions who give you hope with their mere presence.


So I am going to wrap up by saying that this fictional super-hero may be a mere print on the comics or slashing out the villains in cartoons/movies, but in my heart, he will always be my hero. He is #Myrolemodel, who is the embodiment of power, vulnerability, love, friendship and the frigging Ninja.



I am writing about #MyRoleModel as a part of the activity by Gillette India in association with

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