Recharge Your Tresses! #SunsilkNaturalRecharge

The Sunsilk Natural Recharge shampoo and Conditioner bottles were crowned on the silken leaf beds perched on an angelic white basket. The regality of the package stopped me from ripping it open, so that I don’t disturb the dainty setting. It had already given off thirty percentages of the flavors and fragrances, swimming in them. I must say that I could not wait to get my hair screaming for more of those babies.

 Every time I have to review a product, I get thrilled. I feel like my word depends upon the future of the product’s success (Obviously not, but I love to use the power invested in me to call the shots!). It is the freedom rendered to us by the creator of the product, and I feel morally obligated to type down nothing but the truth. Face it, we are not creating commercials for their products, merely reviewing it and passing on the experience.

I want my hair to be bouncy, smelling too damn good and over-whelming softness. Might I say that those were the exact three things I came across while using this hair energizer of a product. It is a feel good hair conditioner, leaving your tresses gentle and tamable. No bad hair days guaranteed when you got this baby running through your hair. The best natural recharge for your hair, because it deserves the royal treatment!

The All New Sunsilk Natural Recharge. Feel fresh, feel good. 


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