We were the Queens! (#DovefaceTest)

There were a thousand doubts in the accountancy class, a million pranks waiting to sprout up into the air. We were the notorious two-some who would spare a single soul in the entire school, from the janitor to the Headmistress, we made fun of them all. Sometimes they even cried out in pain, running out of the class, clinging onto their dear lives. We were the queens of mimicry and witches who weaved laughter even in the most boring classes of all. Putting on a show for the class was easy as cheese cake and we could make them laugh in a matter of seconds. 

Oh yes, I remember it all, assemblies, parties, classes, sports practice and even exams. She was there for me when I needed her the most, and I her. The symbiotic chemistry we shared was known to all and the juniors were in fascination and always rushed to us, especially during the break time in the corridor. I remember the crazy and spicy mango chips topped off with the Capri Sonne orange juice, our favorite break time snack! And I also remember how one of us took the privilege of licking the insides of the chips packet too.
Innocent as hell, not giving a damn to what the others thought of us, we used to be Queens or at least felt like one.

But there were times when I was unsure of myself, and Sana always held me hand and told me that we would overcome it, no matter what happens! And that was what happened when the Annual farewell party was coming up. It used to be a big deal and I never did parties right, it was never my thing. But I had to go as it was my very last party in high-school before we all graduated and parted ways. I was nervous and ripped my hair out thinking about how I was going to look and what I was going to wear. I had picked out an outfit eventually, but it something was missing. Something was definitely missing. I called up one of my best friends, the one style perfectionist whom I could trust with my life. 

I was not the confident type, especially when it came to looking good and going to a party. I am usually very aloof about dressing up and Sana is quite possibly the one stop solution to all my problems. I called her up the night before the party and fretted about how I was going to look in the party. My hair is the worst thing on my body and I was distressed about the way it sticks out in different directions, just like Simba’s hair from the Lion King.

She urged me to bathe my hair with the Dove Shampoo the very same night and apply the conditioner as well and I followed suit. It indeed felt like smooth satin strings slipping off my shoulders. It felt like silky curls and smelled just about right! So that was taken care of and I was contented.

I awoke in the morning and stared into the mirror. I was not persuaded by the image that stared back at me, not yet. I called up Sana and had a long chat with her about my make up and hair, AGAIN! But she never swayed from telling my what to do and what not. I love her for all the things that we used to do together, dear god, we never spared ANYONE!

My skin was so parched and begged for moisture, and I knew just the food that would lighten it up perfectly. Being a Dove user since I was twelve years old, I knew that my face needed the cream bar to beautify it. And that did it, it was the most exquisite surface to start my make-up on, and Bam, I was done. It paid off, my skin was like the piano keys that yearned to be stroked.
My hope was renewed and so was my confidence, all thanks to my best friend. They always believe in you the most when the others lose hope on you, take you by the hand and tell you it’s okay to break a heel, yet be cool about it. Gush about the boys and the hottest celebrities we used to go wacko about. Life used to be so uncomplicated and beautiful, and it will be, as long as we have our besties watching out for us.

*You scratch my back and I scratch yours!*

The above post is written for the Guessing game with my Friend contest powered by Dove and Indiblogger


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