A wounded soul

A darkened heart

And a lost someone

Or maybe two?

Magic comes with a price

So does love,

Snatched right  out

From under his nose,

His brother

Who died in his arms

Whom he would have died for,

And his lover

The queen of his heart

Stolen wife of the trickster,

Cheated, betrayed and forlorn

Far too long

The planks creaked,

A maddening rage

Blinded by vengeance

His quest to seek peace!

A man of honor

Once veracious,

So misguided and yet capable

Of loving once again,

Despair seeped into his eyes

A second chance for him

Not to be despised?

A mighty sailor

King of the pirates!

Can he find happiness,

Even when the clouds shield

The light.


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