Fruity Fragrance! (#FreshNHappy)

I was thrilled to receive my sample of the Ambi Pur Home Care Range Air Freshener. I am pretty sure I bumped my toe at the edge of the foot of the bed. But I did not care, I even clicked some pictures of the product. Nothing like getting free stuff after a bad day at the Uni.

So I hurriedly open the cover and pull out my sample of the Freshener, it’s fragrance is ‘Thai Dragon Fruit’. 

I plugged in the sachet of the perfume into the perfume holder. And I set it on the bed side table and settled on the bed to read a really good novel. Just as I had nestled into my den of comfort and happiness, the fruity fragrance had already begun to spread within the room. A gentle smell of the Thai Dragon fruit had diffused in the air as I opened the 56th page of my incomplete Harlequin Novel. The door of my bedroom started to rattle as my mother knocked on it to get me some aromatic coffee and crunchy chocolate chip cookies. I sulked straight away and opened the door of my bedroom and let my mother in.

“Your room is like a jungle, when are you planning to clean it up?” She sighed.

“In a minute, mom. Thanks for the coffee, by the way!” I screamed and I shoved her out of the door.

I ran into the washroom a few minutes later and then returned into my bedroom. The gross smell of my laundry and the coffee was all sucked out by the air freshener.


Being in India, we all know how it is to experience the sudden pungent smell of a burning tyre or the despicable odour of the drains that is mordacious to our sensitive noses. It all changed with the air freshener in my room. I had entered my room after an hour or two but the smell from outside the room did not effect the magnificent fragrance which swirled within the room. That is my #FreshNHappy story, all thanks to Ambi Pur Air Freshener!

So, I found this product to be exceedingly useful and amazing. I have deicded to rate this product on the basis of stars, so I give it 4/5 from my side.
I have opted to use the sprays now as it is more comfortable to use and also to deceive the guests!

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