Shop till you drop – 2030

“Amy’s anniversary party is tomorrow?!” I screamed loud enough for the other restaurant goers to scowl at me. 
“Hold your horses, Rose. It’s going to be fine.” Harriet tried to calm me down.
We were at the Citadel lounge and nothing was going to spoil it for me, but guess what, I just blew it up again. I did not know that Amy was having her party tomorrow until Samantha called me and informed about the last minute change of plans. That woman got her brains chewed on by a cat, as I can see she has clearly lost it. For one minute I think that I am going to savor the moment and the next minute someone has to screw it up for me. I was mumbling about my misfortune to myself and Jazz lifted me off the seat and pulled me into a hug.
“Hey, baby!” He said and did not let go of me.
“Hi, love. Where were you?” I hugged him back fiercely.
“Nothing baby, just goofing’ around. I just got my air car 360 with a turbo booster, thought you would need a ride home!” He replied as he reclined into the nearest arm chair.
“But how did you know I was at the Citadel?” I asked him.
“But do stay for Champagne, Jazz. We cannot handle Rose without you.” Harriet butted into our conversation.
“I bet you haven’t decided what to wear to Amy’s party, tomorrow?” Jazz spoke confidently.
“How did you know that, and how come you knew the party was moved tomorrow?! So, everyone else knew about this and you guys did not bother to inform me. This is colossal, guys!” I screeched.
“Honey, relax. We got it covered.” Harriet chimed.
“The Citadel now offers the Hologram Shopping Service to its customers. Now, you can choose your clothes and shoes, right here.” He pecked my nose and whistled to one of the staff members and started an animated conversation with him.
“Are you sure about this?” I asked Harriet.
“It will be just fine.” Harriet patted my hand.
The Holographic Shopping Service is a form of holographic image of the article that you would want to buy, which materializes right in front of the person, anywhere and anytime. I did not think about that as I was too busy fretting about it and my extreme level of stress blocked my brain for good. And the best part about it is the fact that you can touch it and feel it, just like how you shop from a store down the street. The clothes and shoes can be worn too!
So, I did a mini ramp-walk for my friends at the Citadel lounge and I got to wear the perfect outfit to Amy’s party as well!


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